HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK (motivational video 2019) - shocking truth!! - Jake Ducey
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HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK (motivational video 2019) – shocking truth!!

HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK (motivational video 2019) - shocking truth!

Successful people not only act differently, they think differently. 

This post is about how successful people think and the steps you can take to begin acting and thinking like them. 

Use these tips about how successful people think to reprogram your mind and begin to live into the 


Successful people are not busy making a living. They're busy making success. Most people get stuck on trying to make a living and that's what I did for most of my life. I spent the vast majority of my career trying to make a living, so I was looking at what's going to make me an extra $10? What's going to do this, what's going to do that? 

I was so focused on the short term for the next 30 days that my consciousness was starting to shrink and the field of possibilities that were truly available to me became so small. 

It wasn't about my huge goals and what do I have to do, even if it means sacrificing in the short term to delay instant gratification, to get to the future, to get to the larger goal. Instead, I was so focused on just trying to make a living that I was in an energy of scarcity. You see this all the time - people are stuck in an energy of scarcity because they're only looking at the next 14 days. They're only looking at the next 30 days and they get trapped inside of this box because our culture has convinced us to focus on instant gratification.

9 out of 10 people are dying with less than $10,000 and virtually no financial assets. About 75 percent of people are living from paycheck to paycheck and almost every single person is in credit card debt. 


The average human being is not in a good financial position at all. When we're in a place that isn't where we want to be, we take whatever we can get. Now, that's not the problem in and of itself taking what we can get. What begins to occur is we forget about the big goal, so what I invite you to do, if you haven't yet, is write out on a piece of paper, what can you do over the next 30 days to start to prepare yourself to be successful? Meaning what are your goals? Write out your goals. What are your goals so that over the next 12 months it will be the best 12 months of your life? If you accomplished this, this, this, and this, would that make it the best 12 months of your life?

Now, what begins to occur is people are so bogged down with everyday life that they aren't even looking at those bigger picture questions. They're too focused on just trying to get by. Now, you may need to do that right now. You may need to focus on just getting by, but if that's all you're doing, then you're going to stay exactly where you are. When you get into the consciousness of just looking at how do I make a living, how do I get by right now? Then you're in an energy of I do not have. You're programming your subconscious for not enough, so ask yourself the question over the next 30 days, what would you need to do to prepare yourself for those larger goals? 

Write down your big goals and ask yourself what would have to happen over the next 12 months for it to be the best, most successful 12 months of your life and how can you start working on those things.

Most people have have a very compartmentalized consciousness that's focused just on right now, so if you want to get to where you want to get, you might have to do what my wife did.

You have to look at your future. If you're stuck making a living and you're just looking at the short term, you're never going to be able to get out of that situation. 


You have to find something to live for. 

You have to have a sense of urgency. I was on a coaching call with Eric Thomas thirty minutes ago. He is one of the most successful motivational speakers in the world. And I was telling him, Hey, here's where I'm at all these things. And he said, "you need a new sense of urgency. You need to renew your sense of urgency in your life." Know what begins to happen is we can't find inspiration to continue to stay mentally focused, to get up, to get the things done, to stay focused on what it is we're trying to accomplish because we don't have something to live for.

My question to you is what do you have to live for? Like what's that driving force? I can tell you mine, my driving force right now is my wife and I are going to have a family pretty soon and I want to be in a position when we have a family that as we're as, as the baby's born, I can actually spend a lot of time literally not working and I want to be in a place where we're in a level of financial freedom at an all new level where when my kids are growing up, I can take them to school. 


That's what Eric Thomas asked me on the call today and he said, write it down. So as soon as the calling up, I wrote about it in detail and so you got to do that because if you don't have that sense of urgency, you become complacent.

You fall, you rest on your laurels, you have good days and you have bad days. You have days where you're there and days when you're not there, so you gotta find something to live for whatever it is for you because that's the driving force. That's how you churn up your energy and get a powerful vibration that's going to allow you to move your life forward.


Successful people know that all success comes from the subconscious mind. If you haven't programmed yourself with proper belief systems, habits, and thought patterns that are conducive for success, you will not have it subconsciously and that's why it is so important to rewire it. 

People that aren't successful say, "I don't have the resources," therefore they don't do anything. They wait for the outer things to be perfect, for the ideal circumstances and situations to arrive and then they say they'll do it, but what happens is they're in the energy of lack and scarcity. Therefore they attract more of that same thing. Therefore they're in the same position a year later, two years later, five years later. Their life never really changes or gets that much better but successful people say the resources are going to show up. The people are going to show up. Whatever I need is going to show up now. I need to move confidently in the direction of my dreams. I need to control what I can control.

I have a success hypnosis I've used for about six years now. Every day that rewires my thought patterns and puts me in a position to be successful. It's replacing my thought patterns, my belief systems, which is changing my consciousness and my point of attraction.

And it's made me a magnet for fantastic opportunities. You can use it for free.

My mind thinks successfully. I think of abundance. I'm in the energy of abundance. I'm not going to wait for the resources. I'm going to find my sense of urgency. I have clear long term goals and I may not be where I want now, but I'm going to start saving money to put away so I can start to move confidently in the direction of my dreams. That's what it takes to be successful. Start seeing yourself as a successful person. You're worthy of success. If anyone else has success, that means you're worthy of it too. Why? Because really we're all one. We're all connected to God.

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We're all one and the same. If somebody has something and somebody else is great, you have that same God given potential and self worth and an opportunity for amazing blessings within you.

Life is about realizing that you have that worthiness and that power and that potential within you. So share this video with someone that digs it. If you dig this, make sure you watch it through.

Have a beautiful day. Something fantastic is heading your way. 

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