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Hidden Bible Teaching Explains How To Talk To God (THERE​S NO GOING BACK)

In this blog I am going to talk about the hidden bible teaching explains how to talk to God (THERE'S NO GOING BACK). I'm so happy you're here! I'm excited about this blog. If you apply what you learn, wonderful things are on the horizon. Let's get into it!

Ask and you shall receive. Let's talk about a hidden bible teaching that's going to allow you to talk to God. You can communicate with God so you can manifest anything that you want. Let's make mountains move! You can take the dreams that you have in your mind and you can hold them in your hand.

One of the most common Bible verses is, "Ask and ye shall receive". A lot of people ask for what they want, but they don't get it. Why would these words be in the Bible when a lot of people are asking for what they want and they're not recieving what they're asking for.

There is another verse in the bible, Mark 11:24, it reads, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you asked for in prayer, believe that you have already recieved and it will be yours."

You ask, well, how do I talk to God? How do I actually talk to God so I can be in closer relation with the spirit of everything and ultimately be blessed beyond what I now think is possible? Understand that God doesn't speak the normal language of words in english, spanish, german, chinese, whatever.. he speaks emotion and energy. I'll explain this in a bit.

hidden bible teaching explains how to talk to god

Most people talk to god like this - "Hey God, I really want some money. Hey, could he help me out? I'll tell all my friends about you if you help me! I promise! I'll always believe in you after this. Are you there. Hey God, please help me".

In general, most people beg God for money, for love, for happiness, for health, for healing, for the job promotion, and all these things, right?

God doesn't speak English because God's not a person. God is an energy field that exists in everything. It's an intelligence that's in everything. It's in every cell of your body. It's in the walls and everything below and above you. It's in everything. Science tells us that an that an atom is 95% to 99% empty space.

Everything in this physical universe is made up of atoms. But everythin is almost 99% empty space. So everything that appears physical is actually empty space.

Jesus Christ hidden bible

In the Bible, the words they use are light or spirit. The spirit makes manifest everything. The spirit makes manifest everything and also first was the word of God.Well, what is the word of God? Is it, "Hello everybody. We're going to create things now!"

No... it's an energy field that speaks frequency. So then the question is how do you communicate with it?

Knowing that god is energy and doesnt speak earthly languages, you've got to talk to God in the right language. And the right language isn't pleading. It isn't begging. The right language is a frequency. More on this in a moment.

Jesus says to those that have more will be given.

So God favors rich people? No to those that do not have even that which they have will be taken away. Let's say you want more money. Maybe you've been working really hard for 3, 5, or 25 years. You're starting to wonder about your blessings and if your prayers are being answered. You're looking around and thinking none of this is going to work. You're hoping and you're wishing.

What frequency is that type of energy? It's not a good frequency. It's a frequency of lack and limitation.

You are talking to God at every moment with your frequency. What is an emotion or a feeling? An emotion is your energy. It's you being aware of your own energy. Emotion is energy in motion.

In this previous example of frequency and talking to god, you consciously wanted money, you asked God for it, but then you projected a feeling of lack to those things and you still haven't received.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Seek first the Kingdom of heaven and all things will be revealed to you. If you recognize that the answer is within your own frequency and that God is in every cell of your body, then you recognize already you're an abundant, divine, limitless being. The essence of who you are and what created you, is love. And infinite.

hidden bible teaching explains how to talk to god

Think about the universe. It is constantly growing. It's perfect. Everything about it is perfect. The only thing that gets in the way is is the human mind, really. What are the qualities of God? Love, happiness, constant expansion, wealth, abundance. That's what I am. Then because I'm one with God, I can't be separate from those same qualities and characteristics of God.

I've seeked it within myself and now I'm grateful that it's within me. When you live in that vibration, how does your frequency shift? It goes from lack to absolute abundance. Where wish and hope once lived, now certainty resides.

You start matching the frequency of what you want. God speaks frequency. God responds to the new frequency that you're broadcasting because your emotions have changed. Your emotions are your gps system that tells you what frequency you are broadcasting.

You don't need the money to start being on the frequency of wealth. You don't need the job or the love or the promotion to start vibrating at the frequency. In fact, most people go their whole lives doing the opposite.

And all they do is live out the truth that those that do not have even that which they have will be taken away. They continue to attract that frequency of "I am not a divine being". So the universe continues to give them experiences that match their frequency and energy.

So here's how to talk to God for what you want -"Thank you God! Thank you that every part of your essence of growth dwells within me. You are an energy system that's so perfect. I am so grateful I am one with you. Thank you thank you thank you.


I feel joy and peace as I know you have my back.

Money comes to me in greater quantites every day and all my needs are met. I attract amazing people into my life and allow expansive opporutnites to flood my way. Thank you God!"

manifest money

I'm grateful I finally understand the words, "made in the image of God". What is the likeness of God? It's constant expansion. It's growth, it's infinite abundance. It's all things are possible.

I'm made in that image so I'm radiating all those frequencies of abundance, of wealth, of joy, and all things are possible. I'm attracting all of this amazing success.

I'm grateful to spend this money, but more importantly, I'm never going to forget that you're the energy system that's bringing this abundance in my life. I'm going to continue to give generously. Thank you that you're blessing my life tenfold financially.

If it's a loving relationship that you desire, use the same process. Talk to God and feel the emotion of abundance in a relationship. What does that look like and feel like for you? Really tap into that feeling of having it befor the evidence shows itself. Pray and speak to God in a grateful and thankful tone of being in alignment with your perfect match and soulmate.

hidden bible teaching explains how to talk to god

If you're made in the image of God, then you must have within you all of those same qualities. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Isn't that exciting!?

All of a sudden can you feel your frequency raising? If you're driving, please don't do this.

I want to take you into a quick prayer. Here's how to actually talk to God so that you can manifest what you want. Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath in. Feel your shoulders relaxing and take a deep breath out.

Make your exhale longer than your inhale and breathe out until you have no more oxygen and you feel your abs engage. At that point, breathe in and out until you feel your abs engaged. When you feel them engage put a smile on your face. Think to yourself, "Thank you God, that the essence of this entire universe is love.

Thank you for creating a beautiful universe that we get to be a part of, that we get to wake up and experience all the beauty, colors, sounds, and feelings. I'm grateful that we are made in the image of God and that the essence of who you are is pure abundance.


I'm so grateful that you are everything and I am you therefore I am in perfect alignment with you and everything I desire."

While you're doing this in a state of meditation, you will start to feel your frequency change. It will be raising and the energy that will bring you up will also pull the edges of your lips up as well, showing your teeth. It will make you smile because it feels so good to be in alignement with love, joy, peace, abundance, gratitude, and God.

That's how you talk to God. 

attract what you want

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You are blessed with some amazing things headed into your life.

Keep up all the good work. Thank you so much for being here. This movement of raising the vibration of the planet would not be possible if it weren't for you. Thank you for being a part of this and sharing it with your friends. I love you and have a beautiful day!!!


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