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Celebrities That Failed Before The Secret Worked

There are many famous failures in the world who actually became a success using the law of attraction through rejecting rejection. There many celebrities that failed before The Secret worked. 

You have losses that you never thought that you'd experience. You have rejection and you have to learn how to deal with that. You have to learn how to get up and keep going the next day and the next.

That's what Taylor Swift said is one of the keys to her success - getting up and going each and every single day. American business tycoon.  Walt Disney, was fired from a newspaper for lacking imagination. He used that failure to strengthen what he loved most -imagination, creativity, building new ideas. He didn't take getting fired personally. He recognized that failure is an event, not a person. Failure wasn't who he was, regardless of what any of them said. What failed was that circumstance - the job that just wasn't a fit for him.

If you fail, don't take it personally.

Celebrities That Failed Before The Secret Worked

Another great example of overcoming failure is the music group, The Beatles. They were rejected by DEC in recording studios because they didn't like their. They have no future in show business. And you know, obviously in spite of all those remarks, the Beatles had a future so bright that they're like one of the most famous bands to ever walk the face of the earth.

If you've been rejected, if you've been told, ask yourself,  is this really true or is this just somebody's opinion? Is this really true or is this just somebody's opinion and is it really true that I'm not good enough? Is this just an event? It's just the wind that's blowing right past me.

If you have negative thought patterns from past failures, past experiences or things people have said, download my free success. Hypnosis is Jake's hypnosis.com down below to train your subconscious mind and get a load of the rest of these amazing success stories coming up. So one of my favorite is Bethany Hamilton. She's a world champion, super famous female surfer and her whole arm was bitten off by a shark while she was surfing. And Bethany entered her first surf competition when she was like eight or nine years old.

She loves surfing and when she was 13, a shark attacked her while she was out in the water and she lost her left arm.  In spite of the horror and fear, she was back on her surfboard one month later and two years after that, she won first place in a major surf competition. Now she's one of the best and most famous surfers in the world, literally one of the best surfers in the world. And she has one arm because she got bitten off by a shark in the water. And she faced that fear and went back out there. You know, and she may be one of the best surfers in the world. But what's so special about her is that she has a clear message that when you're determined and you face your fears, almost anything you can imagine is truly possible.

She's been in the movie, Soul Surfer - she inspired millions of people around the world. You may have had a petrifying or super scary or traumatic failure in your life. Heed the words of Bethany Hamilton and face that fear. 

Steven Spielberg was rejected from the University of Southern California two times before becoming one of the most prolific filmmakers ever of all time. He's brought us movies like Jaws and Jurassic Park. He failed to get into the film school that he wanted to get into. A lot of times, we let that stop us. Eventually, Spielberg was awarded an honorary degree from USC. Only a couple of years later he actually became a trustee of the university.

Rejection isn't personal. It's just an event.

Celebrities That Failed Before The Secret Worked

After one of Elvis Pressley's initial performances the Grand Old Opry, the concert hall manager came up to Elvis and said he was better off returning to memphis to drive trucks, which was his former career. He kept singing, but he was told to go back to trucks and you may have been told all that crap too, you know. Then Steve Jobs, he was kicked out of the company that he actually started imagining starting a company that became a major, major success.

Then you get kicked out of it. He revolutionized the world and created an iconic brand. And he was forced out of that billion dollar company that he started. He was kicked out very publicly. That can hurt your ego. When you fail. Other people notice or you ask somebody out and it doesn't go the way you want, so you're afraid to ever ask somebody out again. You get cheated on so you're afraid to be in love again. You share a new idea at your company. It doesn't work out so you're afraid. Steve Jobs didn't take it personally. They actually invited him back to run the company again. In a lot of times what stops us after failure isn't the failure, it's our reaction to it.

We take it personally, we get mad at somebody about it or we're mad at God or life about it. We take it personally.

Failure and rejection aren't personal.

Failure isn't personal. It's just an event and defeat isn't permanent. It's temporary. Reject rejection. You can do this thing, you can do this thing. Focus on what you want. Don't allow the outside circumstances to control your thoughts. Focus on your dream and keep moving forward. I know that you can do this.

Be sure that you download my free success hypnosis. Listen to it for 15, 20 minutes in the morning before you get out and start working on your dreams. Get rid of all the negative thoughts and patterns and beliefs, systems you can eliminate them. It's free. Use it in the morning before you go out and you face that negative person or you go out and try to tackle that thing you've failed at where it got rejected at before you can do this.

Reject rejection.

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