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Attract Money Now with this Visualization

Learn to attract money now! Make sure to read til the end! I'm grateful you're here. Let's get into it! 

This visualization attracts money now, so if you want to manifest more money fast, if you want your financial life to change - new freedom, new opportunities to experience more life or be more generous, then you got to use this quick money visualization.

I can remember having just an overwhelming sense of stress and tension in my mind, in my soul, in my body and in my relationship with my now wife. That was because we were struggling really bad financially and I had been working on my career for probably five years at this point and it was a labor of love doing this work.

I was writing books and traveling all over the place doing talks for free at elementary schools, high schools, colleges, etc. but I was struggling financially and I was working really hard and I decided that I was going to start doing a daily money visualization to manifest money in my life.

It changed my life forever. I went from not being able to pay my rent, stressed every single day. The shift was in my consciousness; not in my work ethic, not in my strategy.

My consciousness shifted and as my consciousness shifted, my life changed. I'm going to share with you this very simple and easy to use meditation that you can apply right into your life and it starts like this.

This visualization attracts money now fast

I like to start every single meditation that I do by saying "Thank you God. Thank you universe for this beautiful life." It's just something that came to me one time that I just love because the whole point of meditation should be that you feel like a different person then before you got into it and the same applies with a money visualization.

If you don't feel different by the time you do it, it didn't work. You could do a visualization or meditation for five hours and generally, the mind thinks the longer the better but if you don't feel different afterwards, those five hours were wasted. In the contrary, if you different in a five minute visualization or meditation when you step out of it, it worked. It was better than the five hour one. I always start with "Thank you God, thank you universe for this beautiful life."

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attract money now

The reason that I love that one so much is because it evokes feeling. The whole purpose of this visualization is to evoke a new sense of feeling in your body, in your consciousness, in your energy, because that's going to dictate you attracting different things in your life. Everything in life has a certain energy system, a certain energy pattern. Your life, your bank account has a certain energy pattern that's based off of your thoughts, your consciousness and and your subconscious.

It's an energy system and as your energy changes, you start to change your financial energy system. This meditation is designed to do that. I start with "Thank you God. Thank you universe for this beautiful life." My intention going into this visualization is around money that's very clear in my consciousness, but the way to get into a position for me to attract more of it was to start feeling differently.

I closed my eyes and I would say "Thank you God, thank you universe for this beautiful life." What I'm trying to do is start to feel the energy of excitement. I'm just trying to feel excited. If I said "Think of one thing you could be excited by.." Feel it though. Feel the excitement. What's one thing that can make you feel excited?

It doesn't matter what that one thing is. You can use it as a prompt, but the goal is that your brain starts firing different nerve cells, starts firing different brain cells. You're sending different electrical currents through your pipeline, your universal pipeline, which is called your central nervous system. You're sending different emotion through that so it's radiating through your body. You're changing you're feeling.

Most people immediately have some form of a negative reaction to money. It might be that they dislike money. It might be that they think money is the root of all evil or it might be stress and fear because you might be having a really tough financial time right now. If you were to ask me "think about money" a few years ago, my first reaction would have been like anger, frustration, stress. The only problems that my girlfriend and I had at the time was about money.

I had to start changing the feelings I associated with money and this visualization started to do that for me. "Thank you God, thank you universe for this beautiful life." Then I would sit in the energy of what I just said. "Thank you for this beautiful life." I would use that to start to create an avalanche or a flow of different emotions.

I'd get myself excited and then I would call onto the screen of my mind, like a new client that I helped and they were so excited and obviously what that meant was more money coming in my life. I saw myself living in a house I wanted to live in.

attract money now

 I saw myself being able to buy things and my girlfriend and I at the time - my wife now - not needing to worry about money. I saw myself in this new reality. I saw myself in a home where I had a beautiful view of the ocean. I was taking those images and I was essentially tricking my subconscious mind because I had sparked up emotion.

I'd sparked up feeling in my nervous system, in my brain and my energy system in my consciousness. I was linking the image and the feeling together. I was linking the image and the feeling together. That's what's so important about a visualization.

People can imagine a beautiful home. Maybe you can imagine driving your dream car, having your dream job, being out of debt, and having positive cash flow in your life and putting your children into the school you want or donating to your favorite charities or traveling around the world, or whatever it is that would be your dream. Most people can imagine them but the trouble isn't imagining them; the trouble is a positive feeling associated with it.

Most people can imagine it, but it's an elusive image that they're holding, meaning it's an image that we don't feel that we can really obtain. I could imagine like all of these great things happening in my life, but I didn't feel like they were really possible. They just didn't feel like they were possible. The thing that people get wrong about visualization is they think it's just about what you can imagine. It's about the feelings you can associate with your imagination.

attract money now

The thing that people get wrong about visualization is they think it's just about what you can imagine. It's about the feelings you can associate with your imagination.

The point of visualization is to affect the subconscious mind. Sub means below so you have your conscious mind that says"I want more money", 

but then you have your subconscious mind that's been programmed by your parents or your grandparents or your upbringing or the people around you or the conversations you heard around the household you grew up in when you were a child or the economic climate of the country while you were a child.

All of these things have programmed the subconscious. The religions or institutions you may have grown up with and they've determined your belief systems and your reality about money. They built a certain type of feeling and unless you can link a new feeling to an image, the subconscious can't accept it. The subconscious controls 95% of your life, your finances included. It has approximately 65,000 thoughts in a day and 95% of them are subconscious.

You have that many thoughts, that much creation energy, but it's habitual and the subconscious mind is the emotional mind. The way it's imprinted is through repetition and emotion so you do this visualization every day and you create new emotion associated with images of money.

Somebody can imagine it, but then they're like "Yeah, that'd be nice" because they don't really feel that it's possible. The way to do this is to bring your conscious mind into the equation and start tricking it by feeling positive emotions. A lot of people say "Well, I can't feel financial possibilities because I've struggled my whole life." That's how you trick it. That's why I said at the beginning, think of something you're excited about.

I'm able to bring up positive emotion just by that statement of "Thank you God. Thank you universe for this beautiful life."

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attract money now

I'm able to conjure up positive emotion just by that because I stopped and I would meditate on that statement. "Thank you God. Thank you universe for this beautiful life. Wow, this life really is beautiful." I'd get in touch with my energy body. I'd get in touch with my emotions and I can start to spark positive emotion from that.

Then I'll take my conscious mind and I'll insert success or prosperity into the equation and I'm linking that emotion with the images that I want to create. That's what allows the subconscious mind to be reprogrammed for the reality that you want.

Think of something you're excited about or think of somebody you love, maybe you're in love right now. Close your eyes and imagine a bunch of positive scenarios with that person. Then, once you start to feel good, pull new images in of money of your dream car, your dream house of checks coming in.

Insert those images that you really wish and desire in your life, but you're not even sure if they're possible or not. Take those images and link them to the positive emotions of thinking about awesome memories with your soulmate or your parents or your grandparents or best friend growing up or your favorite hike or swimming on the beach in Hawaii, or just awesome times you had in your life.

Think of something that just makes you feel grateful or excited and sit in that energy for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and then just switch that image out. You're still gonna feel the positive emotions, but then bring in the money and then imagine the end result of your dream house, your dream car, shaking hands with your real estate agent. You've got to get the sensory vividness. What would happen?

What is it that you want with money? What would money do for you? Imagine the great things if you had an extra thousand dollars a month or $100,000 a month. What would you do with that money? What are the things you really want money for? Bring those images and link them with the emotion. Even if you can only link them for 60 seconds, that's 60 seconds where the subconscious finally receives the new impression.

You could imagine what you want, but that doesn't mean your subconscious is going to receive it. You need the emotion with it because emotion is your energy in motion. New energy in motion with respect to money is what's going to reprogram the subconscious. Once the subconscious receives these new impressions, then you start to manifest new experiences.

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If you have the opportunity to sit down for 30 or 60 seconds right now, I want to show you a quick way that you can access new emotion and you can link it with the money and then you can apply this into your life. Forget about how long this is when you do it on your own. 

One time, you might do the visualization for 60 seconds and other time for seven minutes. Remember, the point is to create a new emotion and that's what's going to reprogram the subconscious. If you can, I invite you to close your eyes here and just take a couple deep breaths in and out.  Count for three seconds in, three seconds out.

Attract money now

Three seconds in, three seconds out. Say to yourself "Thank you God. Thank you universe for this beautiful life." Feel what that energy means. What does it mean?

I want you to just call onto the screen of your mind one thing that you just love about life. One person you love, one thing you love, one place in the world you love, something that just makes you feel great. I'm calling onto the scream of my mind, hugging my mom or my dad or my brother or my wife or a friend that I haven't seen in a long time, or maybe hiking in your favorite spot.

I want you to imagine right now turning on the computer and you open up your mobile banking and oh my gosh, you have an extra $10,000 in your bank account. Your bank account is growing. There's $50,000 in your checking account.

See that extra money or that extra million dollars. Insert whatever the money is. hold in your hand right now your new paycheck, your new monthly money. You're talking to your accountant and you're like "Oh my gosh, my financial life has changed. Thank you universe for all this wealth. Thank you universe for all this money."

Put a smile on your face right now and now with your eyes open, say "Thank you universe for this financial surplus." That's how easy it is to send a new message to the subconscious mind.

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attract money now

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Every single day, what I invite you to do is use this quick and easy financial meditation in order to change your feelings, which is really changing your energy in relation to money. As you do that, your subconscious mind is going to receive this new idea. Once it does, it's going to start bringing new circumstances and new situations into your life that match your new energy that you're programming. The new seeds that you're planting in its soil are going to bear a different fruit and that's exciting. Thank you for sticking through to the visualization.

I was trying to just get every advantage I could on life to reprogram my brain and to change my physiology, my nervous system with relation to success.

I created a software using the latest advances in neuroscience and manifestation in order to change my brain. My brain started getting wired for a new reality, a reality of success rather, than feeling stressed. It changed my life and now you can demo it for free.

What it's going to do is start firing and wiring new nerve cells, new brain cells. It will make them a concrete reality in your mind. As that happens, you'll see it in your life and it's the second mind

You can demo it for free. Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life. It controls 95% of the people, the things, the circumstances and the situations that you attract into your life. If your subconscious mind gets shifted in a new direction, it's going to immediately start pulling new things into your life. In this instance, it's going to be more money. Be on the lookout for great things to head your way. When you have a great success, come back and share it right here.

I'm excited for you to use this in your life and see the great things that unfold. If you did not yet again, make sure that you demo my software for free.​

What it's going to do is rewire your mind and change the way your brain is operating. That's going to bring more prosperity and abundance into your life quickly.

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Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.

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