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Jake Ducey
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3 Signs From Your Spirit Guides No One Tells You

today im going to talk about the 3 signs from your spirit guides no one tells you... Let's get into it!

Three signs from your spirit guides that nobody tells you how to connect with them and what they are telling you. The universe is trying to tell you something. It's trying to send you a sign you might not be noticing yet, It's very important that you understand what your spirit guides or what the universe is telling you.

3 Signs From Your Spirit Guides No One Tells You #1

Number one, seeing people unexpectedly. I just met a guy and his name is Ed now. I was going to my favorite restaurant and picking some pickup food. I was in the middle of the street crossing the street and a guy said "Are you Jake?"

It was a man from Toronto named Ed, who was visiting and on his way over to the island from Toronto and Canada, he said to his wife "I really want to meet and see Jake Ducey while we're here in Maui." His wife said back "That's not gonna happen. There's too many people on the island. There's a very low chance of that." He said he pressed the mental delete button on that thing that his wife said and said "I'm setting the intention to meet Jake Ducey."

They were staying on the other side of the island, but they were headed into the grocery store and while he was walking up the sidewalk, I was crossing the street and he turned to was right and saw me. One of the number one signs is you unexpectedly see people or you meet new people or it's the person that you were just thinking about it and they show up or it's a similar type of person.

I saw this as a sign and he did as well. He saw it as a sign that spirit guides were trying to tell him "Hey, your intention is very, very, very powerful." This individual is in real estate so you say "Wow, he was able to set an intention and attract me into his experience. That's great." You can leave it at that, but you could dig deeper into the hidden meaning behind this and you could say "Okay, he's in real estate." What is real estate all about? It's about people and it's about relationships.

3 signs from your spirit guides no one tells you

​The universe is giving him a sign, his spirit guides are giving him a sign and saying "Hey, use this power of intention when you get home to Toronto to attract new clients you can serve, new customers you can serve, new referrals you can get. Let's take this even more seriously. If you could attract Jake Ducey while you were walking across the street in the middle at night, you could attract so much more business in your real estate.

I take a step back and I take it as very clear sign that the universe has me on the right path. I was supposed to meet Ed. I'm doing exactly what supposed to do right now in my life. This is a confirmation from the universe. I'm living where I'm supposed to be living. 

I'm on the right side with my work and to just continue doing it and the domino effect will continue to build up.

It might be a new person, it might be someone in the grocery store...

3 signs from your spirit guides no one tells you

wearing a shirt that has a certain word that's relevant to your life that the universe uses and your spirit guides use another individual, whether you previously know them or not, in order to tell you a sign.

It may be a very clear sign or just like in my instance, you may have to dig a little deeper or in Ed's instances, the spirit guides are saying "Hey look, you need to use this power of intention for your business more to attract certain types of people. If you could attract Jake, what did you do in your business?" The number one sign of the first three is that the universe is saying "Hey, take a look closer at this."

This week, tomorrow, later today, that person might walk into your life. Normally, we're so used to our habits that we don't really look into the things that life is showing us. We're so used to our routine that we don't look at it and here's what I'm inviting you to do. When that person comes across, stay extra open. Keep your perception extra open to see what your spirit guides, what the universe is trying to tell you.

3 Signs From Your Spirit Guides No One Tells You #2

Number two, you are attracting circumstances and situations that feel like deja vu. I'll give you an example. Seven years ago, I wanted to change my life and I created a success hypnosis for myself. I didn't share it with anyone. I didn't have the intention to share it with anyone. I just wanted to use my life as an experiment to reprogram my mind so that I can create the life that I really wanted for myself.

Flash forward a few years, it changed my life forever. All these great things started showing up so I started sharing with my friends as experiments. Then I started using it with my coaching clients and people were just getting these amazing results. It was something that I care deeply about because it changed my life. It change my subconscious programming and then I put it up online for everyone to use for free and see if we could have millions of people use it and see what type of amazing things happen.

A little over two years ago, I put it up online. It's free to use ---

So many people think hypnosis either doesn't work or they don't understand it. So there was none of that going on online. As my YouTube channel started taking off, almost a vast majority of the other large YouTube has started copying it. All these people came out with a success hypnosis.

At first it was a little bit maybe frustrating but then when I take a step back, it's a very clear sign that I'm on the right track. It feels like deja vu because now another one in the last couple of months started copying us, too. They took my exact video where I talk about the hypnosis. They took my exact words from the transcripts.

It's deja vu, and it's a very clear sign from God and it's a very clear sign for my spirit guides and it's a very clear sign from the universe that I'm on the right track to continue sharing this.

signs from god

 Right now, over 300,000 people from all over the world have used it. My goal when I started was a million people. That's my example of deja vu that just happened in the last 24 hours.

Yours may be something totally different.

For example, you may be walking to a business meeting and you feel like you were already in the business meeting and it's a sign maybe that this person is supposed to be your partner. It may be the same thing in dating, but you feel like "This feels like deja vu like I've done this before." That's the clearest sign that you are on the right track because all realities have already happened. You getting what you want has already happened in another reality.

It's all about bringing that consciousness of what you want as if it's already happened into this reality so that you can manifest it here in your life. When you have deja vu or synchronicity, it's your subconscious showing you the future saying "Hey, this thing is going to work out." It's a clear sign to me that whatever decision is about to be mad is a yes.

In my instance with people taking our hypnosis, it's a sign to me that the universe is saying forget about what other people are doing. Your life is about you, your process and your purpose, and if you get too distracted on what other people think of you or other people copying you, or other people not approving of your dreams, you might have a new idea, a new plan for your life and other people don't get it.

If you spend too much energy on what other people think of you or what other people are doing, you lose track of your purpose and you lose track of your vision and you lose track of the spiritual mission or the path that the universe has laid out for you. Sign number two is you feel like "Man, this has happened before."

If you haven't yet, ​

I created this for myself about seven years ago and I wanted to change my subconscious belief system about feeling that I was not good enough or I was not smart enough and feeling like all my dreams were in the future that I hopefully one day would achieve. I wanted to get rid of all of those thought patterns and program myself for my truest desires to inspire millions of people and it changed my life forever.

3 Signs From Your Spirit Guides No One Tells You #3

​Sign number three is you're seeing repeating numbers. When you see repeating numbers, it's a sign that whatever is going on in your mind or whatever's going on in your life, to affirm the success of it. Everything is really two things; the presence of what you want or the absence of what you want. A lot of times, we start to get focused on the absence of what we want because we get trapped into third dimension, thinking there's a future, there's a past and there's a present so we're thinking our dreams are often in the future

"Man, it'd be really great if the money came. Man, it'd be really great if their relationship came."" That is really saying to your subconscious "I do not have it now." In the Bible it said differently. It says "To those that have, more will be given and to those that do not have, even that which they have, will be taken away." When you're in the absence of what you want, you attract more of that absence. When you see repeating number signs, take it as evidence to reaffirm what it is that you want in the present tense.

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3 signs from your spirit guides no one tells you

Every time you see repeating numbers on a street sign on an address, take it as a sign that your subconscious is saying "Hey, take a moment to reaffirm what you want. Life is busy. Things are moving fast." It's easy for us to go back into our old thought patterns and our old belief systems. Let's take a moment right now. Take a deep breath and say "All I want is on the way. The money is here.

The money is coming. The love is here. The love is coming. Great things have unfolded in my life. I just got blessed with a brand new career opportunity." Whatever it is, reaffirm it in the present tense and use those numbers as a sign to get your mind focused on what it is that you want so you could send the proper messages to your subconscious mind to dictate what you attract into the future.

Right now, see it and say "Yes, it's finally happening. Yes, it's finally happening." Feel the energy starting to build. This is the creative energy of the universe and this is the energy that's going to bring more great things into your life.

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If you have not yet,

It changed my life and now over 300,000 people from all over the world have used it.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you learned something valuable from these 3 signs from your spirit guides no one tells you! I'm sending you awesome, great vibes for fantastic things to head your way. I'll talk to you soon.

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