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90 Second Morning Routine For The Law Of Attraction

Powerful 90 second morning routine for the law of attraction that's going to help you manifest faster. If you use this 90 second morning routine, you're going to manifest faster. The things that you want in your life are going to show up quicker.

Your mind works in pictures. In this blog, I'm about to share with you how to actually use just a brief 90 seconds in the morning - an actual exercise you can use very quickly. What it's going to do is allow your consciousness to totally shift. It's going to allow you to start to draw upon the dormant forces of the universe.

If you blow a dog whistle, you can't hear a dog whistle, but the dog can hear it. What's the deal? There's sound outside of what your ears can pick up that's going on. Similarly there's energy. There's circumstances, situations and good fortune that's just outside of what your eyes can see.

We're going to use this 90 second meditation for the law of attraction so that you can start to draw upon those invisible forces and the universe can start conspiring with you to manifest the things that you want.

In order to do that, it's just very simple to understand this. Your mind works in images. You have an image of your bank account. You have an image of your mother, your father, your job. You have images of it. When I say "Think of your refrigerator", you have an image of your refrigerator, right? You have an image of your car. Immediately, the image of it flashes onto the screen of your mind.


The images that you're holding since spiritual prototypes into the nonphysical dimension, they send spiritual prototypes into the energy that you cannot see. There's energy happening all around that you cannot see. If you can utilize the morning when your brainwaves states are most akin to hypnosis, you can actually utilize your brainwaves to start to harmonize with the creative intelligence of the universe to manifest.

In the morning, it just takes 90 seconds. In 90 seconds, you think of one thing that it is that you want. Let's say that you wanted to manifest more money or let's say that you wanted to manifest your soulmate or let's say you wanted to manifest a certain car, a certain house. You wanted to live in a new place. You wanted a new job opportunity. One thing and call upon the image of it.

Do this in bed so your body is super relaxed while you're doing it. Now you can go get water or do whatever you gotta do right when you wake up, but lie in the bed and you could set your phone timer if you want to make sure you don't fall back asleep. For 90 seconds, you close your eyes and you imagine yourself in this reality.

Let's say that you wanted a new job. What you would imagine would be this, you and your boss, shaking hands. "Hey, congratulations." You're so excited about it.

You run home, you tell your wife, you tell your husband, you tell your mom, your dad, your best friend. "Oh my God, here's what happened. Hey, let's go out to dinner. Let's talk about it. I'm so excited. Let's celebrate this." You're in the energy as if it already happened. I used to do it every single morning with this blog.

I was spending a lot of time and energy and money into this blog without any results. I would imagine my blog connecting with someone like you and you writing the and being like "Oh my God, this great thing happened and this great thing happened." I would feel the emotion of satisfaction that it brought me. I'd feel it in my body. Another way for you to do this is to ask yourself what it is that you want and say "How would it feel to.." and fill in the blank.

How would it feel to feel love now if you wanted your soulmate? How would it feel if I attracted my soulmate? You don't need a certain circumstance in order to start to evoke the emotion of it within your own consciousness, in your own nervous system.

You don't need a certain thing in the outside world in order to evoke the feeling of reality that you want to create. I started feeling grateful that people were writing me and saying things like "Hey, this amazing thing happened, Jake! I did this exercise and here's what manifested in my life and here's what showed up."

These things weren't happening in real life. They were not happening in real life. They were happening in my mind, but I was feeling them. Emotion is your energy in motion. The law of attraction says "Like energy attracts like energy." My energy started shifting into a reality as if these things were already happening.

90 seconds is all you need, but you got to know what it is that you want, and then get the image of it first. Think of what an image of it might be. It might be shaking hands with your boss, you and your friend or your mom or your spouse, your wife or your husband or your whatever, your kids jumping up and down because you just got this job and you just got the sale. 


If it's held imagining for 90 seconds, perfect white light moving through your vertebrae and God's energy restoring your body. It might be imagining yourself doing something that you've always wanted to do. It doesn't matter what it is, but something that will evoke the emotions.

The images need to be able to evoke emotion. They need to feel real. It's up to you to use the power of your own mind to draw upon your imagination, to form crystal clear images. Those crystal clear images send a electromagnetic signal through your consciousness and you start pulling certain circumstances and situations back to you that match that. Miracles happen. You attract a new sale, a new customer, a new client, a new job opportunity, a new interview, a new place to live. You attract things.

Then people say "Oh, you're so lucky." No, for 90 seconds in the morning I use my own consciousness and I would start to recondition my mind, my energy field, my consciousness, and I would feel as if these things had already happened. It's that simple.

If you really want to increase your manifestation power, I created a software called The Second Mind.

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It's designed to actually rewire your mind. When I started learning about the neuroscience behind the law of attraction, Hebbs law says that brain cells that fire together, wire together. Every time you have a thought or emotion, you fire cells. You fire nerve cells in your brain. What happens is, as you have the repeated feeling, you start to wire those nerve cells together. Your brain doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not real.

By doing it 90 seconds every day, it starts to wire your brain together and your brain starts getting conditioned to a new reality. It's amazing, it's exciting and it holds the key for you to get anything you want.

I said "Okay, how do I invent a software designed to do that for you easier?" ​

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It's free to use and you can start to demo it to retrain the brain for the reality that you want. ​

Comment down below: I manifest what I want.

Let me know you're actually going to do this morning routine. It only takes 90 seconds. Please do it. It's so easy.

If you're someone that's going to do this, then please comment down below: Yes, Jake. I'm all in.

I'm sending everyone amazing, positive energy for some great things headed your way. This was the 90 second morning routine for the law of attraction. This can help you manifest faster. It only takes 90 seconds. Extra props to someone who comments down the big ideas out the blog down below.

If you didn't yet,

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Start training your brain for the reality that you want, and then great things are going to start showing that.

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