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Jake Ducey
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3 Words That Are Blocking You From Attracting What You Want

3 Words That Are Blocking You From Attracting What You Want

Maybe you've seen the movie The Secret. The Secret and the law of attraction work, but there's three words that you've been unconsciously programmed with by our society to say and use that are blocking the secret from working. When you learn these three words that are blocking you from attracting what you want and you quit using them, you will open the floodgates and your manifestations are going to open up.

Let's get right into the three words that are blocking you from attracting what you want. 

Words That Are Blocking You From Attracting What You Want

1 of 3 Words That Are Blocking You From Attracting What You Want: Because


Let me explain.

Because is only negative and blocking the law of attraction in the context in which it's used in. We rationalize our own limitations.

"What? I can't manifest more money because I mean it's really hard. What we do is we use our rational mind to convince ourselves that our dreams are improbable or unrealistic or are going to take longer or that we're not good enough.

Then we give excuses.

Because I don't have the right education.
Because I'm too old.
Because I'm too young, too fat, too skinny. I'm too this. I'm too that. I have this problem.

You are the creator of your own universe. That's what you are. You're pure energy, you're thought manifested and you create everything in your life. You can have feel, experience and do anything that you want, but your thought patterns and your thoughts and your habits are going to create your reality.

If you want to speak your limitations into existence, there's nobody and no thing stopping you. Every time you say because you're creating that.  

I invite you to start to say, "I know" and that's it. I know this will happen.

We don't explain why we think we might not be good enough. We don't do that. Why? Because we know that we're on the leading edge of space and time and at every second we're creating our life. I know that what I intend to manifest is here.

Words That Are Blocking You From Attracting What You Want

2 of 3 Words That Are Blocking You From Attracting What You Want: If


What we do is use if in our head to plan for the worst case scenario.

If this doesn't happen.
If this happens.

We use the word if in order to create our reality through a negative lens. Replace that with I am. 

If I do this and then I run into a financial trouble. If I go over and ask them out and they say no. If I ask my boss for a raise. We use if in order to imagine the worst case scenario.

We're not doing that anymore.


Because you are pure consciousness and the thoughts and images you hold in your mind are  creating your reality and you're deciding in this very moment that you're going to create the best reality for yourself. Some people unconsciously create their own limitations so that they can be challenged by them, but we're not going to do that anymore.

We're going to create a life of ease and abundance. 

Use I am instead. 

I am attracting my soulmate, not if I don't, then I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life.

If this doesn't work out, I'm always going to be broke. I am a millionaire. I am attracting money. I am attracting freedom into my life.

Stop imagining the worst case scenario and what might go wrong with I am. Embody it in your consciousness that you already are that thing because you are. There's no separation in this reality. Everything is energy. You're already connected to what you want.

Words That Are Blocking You From Attracting What You Want

3 of 3 Words That Are Blocking You From Attracting What You Want: Can't

Can't. I can't. I can't see myself doing that. I can't imagine it. Of course you can't imagine it. You're saying you can't imagine. You can't imagine the real possibility because you're telling yourself you can't.

I can't. I can't. I can't do that. I can't do that. I can't do that.

What we're doing is embodying these ultimatums into our consciousness, into our subconscious and reproducing failure even though we want it.

You have a conscious mind and subconscious mind and every time you're using the word, I can't, you're instilling that limitation into your subconscious. Replace that with I can. I can see myself attracting more money into my life. I can see myself living on a beach in Fiji. I can see myself getting a raise at this job. I can see myself eliminating distractions, becoming more focused. I can see myself losing 20 pounds and becoming healthier. I can see myself finding an extra 30 minutes a day to cook my own healthy food so I don't need to eat fast food. I can see myself becoming happier every moment. No more can'ts, only can. Elon Musk said, "I would rather be on the side of the of the possibilities and end up being wrong than be pessimistic and be right."

Your thoughts are creating your reality. Some people unconsciously create their own misery. Hopefully they can learn more spiritual lessons.

You don't need misery to learn spiritual lessons. If you have it, we can learn from it, but we don't need to create more of it in our life. We don't need to say, I can't. I can't. I can't attract more money. I can't. I'm bad at numbers. I can't say, I can't ever do good talking to women. I can't ever find the right man.

Why do we need to reproduce that same failure in our consciousness? It happened in the past. All you have is right now in this moment.

Let's be beautiful, powerful creators. Let's watch our words because those words are forming the energy that is ultimately creating our life and attracting the things into our life.

It is possible. You are powerful, but it all starts with your words.

Be sure that you demo the second mind. It's our software. We designed to rewire the brain because all of those negative words and thought patterns get wired into the chemistry of our brain. Our brain gets programmed to fire in those negative ways to produce those limited realities and you have to rewire brain to change your life. And so I created this software for myself originally and it changed my life. Demo it for free down below.

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We've put a lot of time and money into making this amazing software. You can demo it for free.

You're more powerful than you think. 

Replace those three words blocking you from attracting what you want with words that create abundance and possibility. 

Stop using words blocking you from attracting what you want and start dreaming out loud. Speak in possibility and abundance. 

Your world will open up. 

Have a beautiful day. 

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