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3 Things For Star Seeds And Light Workers

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Mar 25

In this blog, we're going to talk about three things all star seeds and light workers need to know as we head into a global awakening. Let's dive right in.

Number one, you need to know that you chose to be here. We are spiritual beings in a physical body and you chose to be here to help assist in the awakening of human consciousness. To help other people in their own spiritual awakening by being a domino effect. You know, you let the dominoes go and it knocks down all the other ones. Similarly, by you waking up to the truth, you actually make it easier for everybody else because we're all part of one collective consciousness.

You came here with a sole mission. Even in the chaos, even in quarantine, even in all these people freaking out, you came here to actually be a calm energy. You came here quite literally to evolve as a soul.

And so a question worth asking yourself is what is your spiritual mission? What is your soul purpose? And to remind yourself of one simple thing - you are here in order to be a light worker, a way shower, to hold love and faith, and to be a beacon of hope for everybody else.

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Point number two is to remember that your state of consciousness rubs off on everybody else. We're all part of one collective energy field. So everybody is one. Your consciousness influences other consciousness. Right now we have a collective consciousness where a lot of people are afraid of losing their jobs, A lot of people worried about health, and they can't get out of this of this energy field. Your job is to remember that your energy field that you are emanating, helps the collective consciousness wake up.

In science, they called it the hundredth monkey effect. They put all these monkeys on an Island and they found out by the time they got to a hundred monkeys doing certain things, all the rest of them instantaneously started to do it because on a subconscious level, everything is connected. So all these monkeys were connected. Once enough monkeys did the same thing, all the other monkeys started doing it.

Similarly, we're all connected on the subconscious level and when you uplift your consciousness, when you remember one simple thing, you can't feel bad enough to make other people feel good. You can't get sick enough to make anybody else get healthier. You can't become pour enough to make other people rich. When you show up and you create more wealth and you start a new business and you work on a new thing, you inspire everybody else to not live and dwell permanently in fear or be paralyzed by it.

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When you continue to exercise, when you continue to eat healthy, when you continue to have a smile on your face just like this, guess what? You inspire everybody else to do the same thing. On a subconscious level because we are all part of one collective consciousness, your consciousness influences humanity. You're here to help shift the awakening. I foresee a better world on the other side. When the dust settles, I see the world taking our health more seriously.

I see us being kinder. I see us being more spiritually connected. I see us meditating more. I see us taking more care of our financial success. I see us being more generous. Ask yourself, what can I do to inspire others right now?

Remember, you are a spiritual being in a physical body. This is a world of pure energy. This is a holographic projection of consciousness. Consciousness that is projected from the brain. This wall right behind me, this Himalayan lamp and my body are all energy.

In fact, 99% of everything you see that is physical is made up of 99% empty space. On the atomic level, on the subatomic level. When you look at this, all these little particles are actually 99% empty space. What the heck? What is the empty space? It's spirit. Spirit is an intelligence. It's energy. It's pure potential energy that vibrates at a rate of frequency that is beyond visible light. Visible light is just a little bandwidth of a certain frequency.


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It's a little bandwidth. We're stuck in one channel. You aren't this body. You have this body and it's one little part of the entirety of who you are. You are a point of consciousness and after this life "ends" you move on to a greater point of consciousness.

There is no beginning. There is no end. All the energy that ever was and ever will be is 100% evenly present in all places at all times. And when you remember that you are a spiritual being, you help other people wake up because then they're not so attached to fear and problems that don't really matter to pour negative energy into. We need to work hard, we need to address situations, but we can do it from a higher level of consciousness. We can do it without thinking that we're forever stuck in this little world and when this life ends, it's over and we're done. No, nothing could be further than the truth.

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What are your lessons you are here to learn? Maybe you're learning calmness. Maybe you're learning how to let go. Maybe the universe swept the rug out from under your feet and it seems like chaos and now you need to learn how to let go because on the other side of chaos is a whole new level of heaven. A lot of times we have to get through some bad stuff for good things to happen. So ask yourself, what is my soul trying to teach me?


Miracles are normal.


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