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3 Steps To Getting Rich In 2019

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Aug 20

Three steps to getting rich in 2019 🙂  Quite a few years ago I was totally broke. I was stressed all the time and my wife was in debt and someone told me these three things. They said do these three things and I can promise you that you will get rich quickly. So I did these things religiously. My whole life changed and now I live my dream life.

Number one to getting rich in 2019 - you understand that there is no prerequisite to having financial freedom other than being alive.

It sounds kind of strange, right? I used to say, "I'm too young and I don't know much about business and I don't have my degree and I don't know that much about economics...." yadayadayada...

They said, "none of that matters. You have to decide that you're going to be rich and right now Jake, what you're doing is you're making up a lot of ideas why you cannot be rich. In other words, Jake, you've decided you will not be rich and you're using rational reasons why you cannot be rich.

You keep telling me you're too young. You don't have a degree. You don't know that much about money. You don't know that much about finance. You don't know that much about business. You don't know how it'll all work out yet deep down, you've already decided you can't be rich!"

getting rich in 2019

No wonder you don't have money in your bank account. And what you might be tempted to do is use your eyes and your ears, the physical world to decide or predict your own financial earning potential. None of that matters. You have to decide in this moment that you will be rich. Do you know what that means?

No more saying, well, at least I'm happy. At least I'm healthy. Money's not that important anyways. Yeah, but you know I grew up in the wrong place and I don't have the right education. I don't know that much about money... None of that anymore. The number one sign, is you are deciding that you will get rich. No if, ands or buts. No. If ands or buts. Your past does not matter!

Your current debt level doesn't matter. You're deciding now that within you there is a spark of greatness that has the ability to realize your financial goals and your financial dreams.

Number two to getting rich in 2019 , you understand that actually earning money is even more important than saving. I'm not saying that it's not important to keep your money. That's coming up here in a minute. People are so focused on optimizing their limited amount of money. Let's say somebody earns a thousand dollars per month just to make it an easy number. All the mainstream books say a penny saved is a penny earned. Look, a penny is a penny. You're not going to get rich by trying to optimize tiny amounts.

Even if you can save 50% of $1,000 that's $500 which is going to be close to impossible when you consider taxes and living expenses. But let's just say it was $500 a month. Multiply by 12 months in a year. So you're looking at about $6,000 per year. Do you know how long that would take you to have real weatlh? You'd have to do that every year. Never have kids, never have expenses, never have emergencies, never have other things to pay for. Never go on a trip. It would take you like 19 lifetimes to come up with $1 million.

Getting rich in 2019 and what they don't teach you!

Here's what they don't teach you. While it's very important to save, while it's very important to optimize your income level, because you need to build that habit of managing a dollar, even if you only have a couple of dollars Yes. But the big key is you have to focus on increasing your income. So what happens is people get so focused on constriction rather than expansion.

I've got to save, I've got to save. But they forget about expansion! So what they're doing is looking at this limited amount of money thinking that this is all they can get.

getting rich in 2019

The fastest way that you're gonna get rich is by expanding your view of your possibilities and focusing on expansion. So there's three types of goals that Bob proctor talks about. An a type A, B type and a c type in a type is a goal that you know you can achieve because you've already achieved it.

Let's say that you make $1,000 a month for the last few months and you say, my goal is to make $1,000 again, there's no power in that because you've already achieved it. A B type goal is a goal. You think you know how to achieve. I make $1,000 a month, therefore my goal is to make 1200 I think I can do it.

I've never done it, but I think I can do it. It seems very realistic. That's a B type goal. There's not that much power in that one either. A C type goal is a goal that you don't know how to achieve.

I make $1,000 a month and my goal is $5,000. Part of me thinks I cannot achieve this, but when you go for those types of goals, you step into the unknown. You have to suspend your disbelief about what's possible.

And what begins to occur is you're inspired by some great purpose, something extraordinary and you'll realize you're a lot more powerful than you thought you were.

As you do that, you start to focus on new possibilities. You start to open yourself to new ideas. You start to open yourself to new opportunities and new possibilities, and you might have some doubts and that's okay. Make sure that you download my free success hypnosis to start to reprogram your subconscious thoughts about money and about possibilities.

Number three to getting rich in 2019 is you're starting to save more than you're spending but as you're growing your income, you're starting to keep more and more and more of that money.

You started at $1,000. save 10%. okay, let me get my income to 2000 all right, let me save 20% now. Okay, let me get my income to 10,000 all right, let me say 40% now, and what this individual told me, was that you have to get to a point where you're saving 40% or 50%.

getting rich in 2019

Getting rich in 2019 requires you to learn now how to manage your dollar so when you start making more, you will actually be able to make this happen for yourself. It all begins with habits. habits of thoughts and habits on spending.

built the habit of putting money away even when I didn't have it. I set large financial goals. I didn't know how I was going to achieve them, but in the present time, with my meager amount of money I was earning, I started saving 40% of it. At the beginning it was 50% and then I moved to 40 and I started putting a lot of my money away. It wasn't very much, but a lot of the money coming in, I started putting it away.

Then what happened? As I started focusing on expansion, rather than constriction, my videos and blogs started going viral and all of a sudden in a few years, my business brought in multiple millions of dollars and my life changed.

But I had developed the habit early on and putting 40 or 50% of my money away. So as the expansion finally happened, it was easy for me to keep 40 or 50% of my money because the goal isn't to make more money necessarily. The goal is to keep it at the same time. You can constantly increase your income, but if your lifestyle or expenditures are very close to your level of income, you're not going to ever have real financial freedom.

So when you combine keeping money with expanding income, you get the perfect symbiotic relationship of expansion. You're focused on expansion, so you're bringing new possibilities to you and you're keeping more money. So as it grows, more and more money comes to you.

So 40% of $1,000 might not be very much, but 40% of $1 million starts to be a lot. 40% of $2 million is even more. As you continue to expand your focal point shifts to a greater normal. So the expansion will naturally flow and continue.

This changed my life when I did these three things. They made me financially independent very quickly. If you do not do these three things, please read back through and just jot down some notes so you can make sure to apply them in your life.

getting rich in 2019

You can rewire your brain for abundance, you're going to make it a lot easier to hit your goals, to bring new opportunities to bring new money, to bring new resources, bring new mentors to bring new ideas to bring new events into your life. 

Right now, it may not seem possible, but your brain will do it for you. So I created a software called the second mind. The first mind is the broke one, the second mind is your subconscious that is waiting to deliver all the goodness you desire. Just tap the button below to use it for free!

Go ahead, share this with someone. Getting rich in 2019 is absolutely possible for you. You will be rich when you utilize these three steps. Money is simply energy and everything in this physical universe is energy and when you change your relationship with money, it will come to you.


Miracles are normal.


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