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Jake Ducey
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Signs That Miracles Are Close

Do you want an absolutely unusual and rather shocking sign from the universe that you're on the right track, even though it might not look like you're really close to something amazing?

This is Jake Ducey with, and let me tell you a crazy story... 

Alright, so you've probably heard before, breakdowns create breakthroughs, but what does that even mean? 

Or maybe you heard before that sometimes the opposite shows up. The bad surfaces, something that you want falls through for you to get the breakthrough.

You know, a lot of times it's easy when you're manifesting something, when you're creating something and the good shows up. But what about the bad? And a lot of times we can take that bad personal, as if we're not on the right track.

I want to tell you that actually means, quite often, that you're on the right track because there's a higher order to our life. The universe sometimes has to bring out the bad to push us to the even better. Even though we wanted the good to come about, the bad surface because it's pushing us somewhere greater and I've been learning that lesson a lot from the universe lately.

Just last week, I got a new car. I wanted to get a certain type of Audi convertible and I had went there. We had test-driven it and I was all good to go. We were going to get the car. My partner was with me and we were sitting there and you know, they were like,

"Yeah, you know, the office is a little bit slow today. There's somebody in front of you."

We sat there for two hours and eventually I went over to the sales force and I said,

Look man, we gotta go. We're out here man. Give me a call and we'll come back the next day or whatever." 

We went back the next day, same thing. It took a whole day again and it happened three times. At this point, I was actually was getting frustrated. I was like...

This is ridiculous. What is going on here?" 

So out of my frustration, I went on Google and I looked up the nearby Mercedes dealership. I wanted a convertible and I saw this convertible that I really liked and I was like, this is just so frustrating.

I went over to the Mercedes dealership and the car that I saw online that I really liked was there. I walked right up to the salesperson. I said...

Hey, what's up? My name's Jake. I want to get this car right over there. I was going to get the Audi SR 5 convertible but I decided that I wanted this car. Audi's giving me a hard time. It's been taking forever to get it. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm done with that and I want that car."

I was in and out. I got the car and I was in and out in one hour. At the other place, it took three days and you know, that's a very small thing. It's a car, it's like a piece of metal. It's not like this major turning point in life or something, but it's funny to see that the universe, even for the car that you drive, a lot of times.

The Universe has a higher order and a higher plan for our lives that we don't always see. While I was there having trouble trying to just check out my car at the Audi dealership, and I'm like... "What the heck is the deal here? This is getting ridiculous. I'm busy. I got things to do. Why is this taking me so long?"

It was showing up as friction because the Universe was pushing me in another direction. Another example is when we first moved out to Maui, we were trying to find a home to rent to get our bearings, see where we wanted to live and things like that.

There was a certain area that we thought we wanted to live in and we found a house that we loved. It was amazing. It was perfect. It was so beautiful and it was everything that we wanted. We went and viewed the house. You know, one of the troubles out there in Maui is it's a tiny island, right? So that means that the housing market is very small, there's not that much places available and we went during high season so there's even less things available.

It was a little bit stressful before then because there was not stuff coming up on the market. Sometimes it takes weeks for new things to come up on the market out there.

We went and viewed this place and we loved it. The woman loved us and so did her husband and were like "Yo, we want the spot. We're in, let's make it happen." She was like "Yeah, I'll send you over everything tonight. We'll lock it up and we'll get the spot."

That night, I didn't get an email from her and then she called me the next morning and was like "Hey, have you gotten my emails?" I was like "No, I didn't", and I didn't have anything in the junk folder. I had nothing from her and I was like 'No, I didn't get any. Resend them." So she resends the emails to me and then she calls me that evening and she says "I have a problem."

Basically long story short, she said that another person that looked at it after her wrote her a check for the place. She said she didn't want to take the check, but the woman forced the check on her. It was bizarre. It was like the weirdest story. We were like... "That's a little bizarre" and she's mentioning... "I'm talking to my lawyers now. This one woman is a lawyer and she says she'll sue me if I don't give it to her"

It was just like the weirdest story. We were bummed because the woman told us we have the house. We were a hundred percent. We were like "Yeah, we got the place. We're all good to go." We quit looking. We actually lost a couple of spots because we told them that we got this other home and so we were bummed because there's not much on the market out there.

It turns out a couple days later, something new popped up on the other side of the island. We weren't going to live there. There's an area called Launiupoko, kind of near Lahaina on the opposite side of the island.


It turned out to be amazing. Epic ocean views from every single room, like just like gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. A full acre. Wake up in bed, open my eyes, epic ocean view. Everything. Just like a million times better than the other house and the other house was great, but this is even better and we ended up moving in there.

The funny thing is, it ended up being the worst winter that they've had in Maui, supposedly in like many, many, many, many, many, many, many years. The place we were going to a rent that had the bizarre situation occur that was extremely stressful and we're like "What are we going to do now?" That was in Haiku, which is the rain forest and it was the wettest winter supposedly that they'd had in however many years.

I'm from southern California where it rains like a quarter inch a year. Oh my gosh. It would have been awful. It was raining every day, all day, nonstop, drenching. We got so lucky because we found this place on the dry side of the island. Epic ocean view, and at the time, we wanted that thing to work out and then we were disheartened when it didn't. So it looked like we were attracting bad luck or something like that, right?

But in reality, it was good luck because the universe was pushing us somewhere else and you know, you might have instances like that where you think bad luck happens. Something's not meant to work out. A lot of times your mind isn't the only thing at play here, and what is your mind anyways?

Our mind is our ego. It's our e-g-o, edging God out. That's what Wayne Dyer says. It's edging the perfection of the universe out. It's a part of us that's taken on a personal identity and it has its own self interests that it wants, right?

wayne dyer

I'm like "I want that house. I want that car. What the heck? Why isn't this working?" And you might say... "I want that romantic partner. Why isn't that working out?" Or "I wanted that job." Oh, the job fell through. I guess I'm going to be broke forever."

It looks like that, but there's a higher order to our lives, so the universe is moving puzzle pieces. God is moving puzzle pieces that a lot of times you can't see. God is a totally forgiving, the Universe is a totally forgiving, friendly, abundant, unconditionally giving place. A lot of times, the bad shows up because the universe is trying to give us something better.

It's saying, yeah, that's good, but shit, you're supposed to have great. You're supposed to have amazing. You're supposed to have marvelous, absolutely fantastic. Hold tight.

What happens is, when the bad shows up, we freak out or we get worried that we doubt ourselves and then we block the good that the universe was trying to bring to us. We close off to it because we get frustrated or angry or upset or stressed or fearful or worried.

What I'm inviting you to consider is that a lot of times, breakdowns create breakthroughs. A lot of times, the number one sign you're on the right track is maybe something hasn't shown up yet, so hang in there. I always say lack of evidence isn't evidence of lack. Comment that down below. Lack of evidence isn't evidence of lack.

I wanted to illustrate a couple of just everyday stories of how that is true and if you have trouble with that, it stresses you, it doubts you, download my free success hypnosis at to train your subconscious mind for success, for abundance and prosperity so that when you're moving through the world, you can maintain a positive habitual mindset.

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Remember, you live in a beautiful, abundant world and there is a higher order to your life. The the divine plan, God's plan, the universe's plan for you is abundance, is love, is happiness, is success, is joy so comment down below: My future is abundance. My future is abundance. 

Have an absolutely beautiful day. 

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