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Embrace a Positive Money Mindset When You Have No Money

Realizing the Truth About Money

The only path to wealth is acknowledging that being broke is fundamentally wrong. Being broke is undesirable. Conversely, there is nothing inherently wrong with being wealthy. If you’re watching this and you find yourself without money, understand that I’m not calling you bad or hateful. Rather, I’m emphasizing that the state of being broke is what’s negative. This belief is crucial for cultivating a positive money mindset and is shared by the wealthiest top one percent. Every millionaire embraces this perspective, and I’ll share more on this.

Originally, I hadn’t planned to create a video on such a sensitive topic. I realize this might sound almost blasphemous, perhaps even too controversial for some. People might react strongly. I’m generally not one to stir controversy. Moreover, I don’t make a habit of flaunting my generosity. I find it distasteful when people exploit their kindness for online views or marketing purposes. My acts of giving are personal, between myself and a higher power, not a public spectacle.


Empowering Change Through a Positive Money Mindset

I want to share a personal story of impact. I want to explain what I mean by the importance of overcoming financial struggles. I also want to demonstrate how to build wealth. About a month ago, I received a comment on YouTube—and I read all my comments, so if you comment, know that I see it. This interaction underscores why I encourage viewers to engage with my content. A woman left a comment expressing her gratitude for my videos. She shared that she was homeless, living in her car with her son. Notably, she didn’t ask for any financial help; she merely stated her appreciation and described her tough situation. Learn more by reading this- How To Break Free Financially

This really struck me, so I responded directly to her. I gave her my email address and asked her to send me a message. When she emailed me, my simple question to her was, “What’s your PayPal?” Confused, she responded, and I insisted, “Just send me your PayPal.” Without her expecting or asking for it, I sent her a significant amount of money through PayPal. She was incredibly grateful, and that concluded our exchange. This spontaneous generosity is vital for nurturing a positive money mindset. It means recognizing when and how we can help others.

Transformative Generosity and the Power of a Positive Money Mindset

The Power of Kindness in Action 

I recently received an update from the woman I helped, which I hadn’t heard from in about a month. She reached out to share some heartwarming news. In her message, which I’ve kept confidential by omitting her name, she expressed profound gratitude. She informed me that she and her son had managed to move out of their car. Not only did they relocate out of the state they were in, but they are now safely housed in her niece’s apartment. They plan to secure their own place by the start of the new year.

At the time of this recording, it’s the end of November, so this significant change is set to occur within just 30 days. She emphasized that without my help and kindness, she and her son would still be living in her friend’s truck a detail that surprised me as I hadn’t realized they didn’t have a vehicle of their own. She ended her message by expressing deep gratitude for the support and love my family and I extended to them, highlighting the meaningful difference it made in their lives. This is a testament to the transformative power of a positive money mindset and how small acts of generosity can lead to significant outcomes.

The Role of Money in Personal Empowerment

Money as a Positive Force I’m typically not one to discuss my acts of generosity. However, it’s crucial to understand that money is inherently good. Those who claim otherwise are mistaken. The misinterpretation often arises from the saying that the love of money is the root of all evil, which is frequently misconstrued. The true meaning is this: valuing money over spiritual values can distort a person. Money itself is not bad; rather, it’s the misuse or obsessive pursuit of it that can be harmful.

Being financially insecure is not a desirable state. It doesn’t reflect on your character or morality, but remaining in that state should not be seen as virtuous. If you think being poor is noble, you need to reconsider. Do this now, or you risk never-ending money problems. Many hold these beliefs subconsciously, often inherited from childhood experiences.

Changing Your Financial Mindset That’s why I advocate so strongly for success hypnosis. I offer a free financial success hypnosis to help reprogram your mind toward wealth. Society, including influences from religion, Hollywood, and government, often conditions people to accept financial struggle. These entities might benefit from a general state of impoverishment as it helps maintain control. But you can change this narrative for yourself. With tools like my hypnosis, you can change your hidden beliefs about money. This will empower you to gain financial independence. This is a cornerstone of developing a positive money mindset. Learn more by reading this-How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind



Making the Decision to Embrace Wealth: Understanding the Positive Money Mindset

Understanding the Power of Financial Freedom. Once you see that being broke is bad and that lacking money is harmful, you can decide to become wealthy. Many never truly decide to be rich. Among the millionaires and top one-percenters I know, none of them achieved their wealth by viewing money as terrible. It simply doesn’t work that way. No matter how hard you work, if you subconsciously believe money is bad or evil, those beliefs will hold you back. Such thoughts must be discarded immediately.

Money as a Force for Good Let me share how money has enabled me to help others, emphasising why I believe money is good. For instance, my niece’s parents couldn’t afford her preschool tuition. They never asked for help, but I decided to take action. I cover her schooling costs, about $500 a month, and even paid the entire year’s fee in advance.

And there’s more. Once, at a yoga class, I learned that the instructor was battling cancer. He lived in his van because he couldn’t afford treatments after his insurance lapsed. Before the class started, I left, then returned with a blank check and simply asked, “How much do you need?” It turned out to be five or six thousand dollars. I introduced myself properly to him, handed over the check, and his treatments were covered. His reaction breaking down in tears was profoundly moving.

Why Share These Stories? I don’t usually like to talk about these acts of kindness, but sharing these experiences highlights the potential good that money can enable, reinforcing the importance of a positive money mindset in achieving not just personal wealth, but also in making a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

The Right to Wealth and Setting Your Sails for Success

Affirming the Value of Prosperity

I could discuss endlessly the positive aspects of money. It is not only beneficial but also your inherent right to be wealthy. Consider this: what glorifies a higher power more effectively? Is it by denouncing wealth? Is it by labeling rich people badly? Is it by calling for systemic change? Or is it by using wealth to create positive outcomes? The system as it exists may not change; it’s a reality we live in. As the motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said, “You can wish for a different wind, or you can set your sail.” This means we should not wish for things to change. Instead, we should adjust our actions and mindset to navigate through the existing conditions.

This is a case study on negative money beliefs. Let me illustrate their impact with a personal anecdote about one of my best friends. We were camping together, and he inadvertently left his car unlocked with his phone inside. This incident might seem minor, but it speaks volumes about his general carelessness, not just with his belongings but also metaphorically with his approach to financial security and personal responsibility. This carelessness can be seen as a reflection of his negative beliefs about money subconsciously undermining his own financial security by not taking the necessary precautions to protect his assets. This mindset can prevent individuals from achieving financial prosperity, demonstrating how crucial it is to cultivate a positive money mindset.

Balancing Generosity and Self-Sufficiency with a Positive Money Mindset

Generosity and Its Limits In an instance during a camping trip, one of my best friends faced a distressing situation. He had left his car unlocked, and when we returned, his phone had been stolen. This loss was particularly painful because his grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s and was in poor health, was a primary contact on that phone. Moreover, he was unemployed at the time, compounding his inability to replace the phone or maintain his communication plan. Seeing his distress, I didn’t hesitate to help; I gave him several hundred-dollar bills to buy a new phone and cover his plan expenses.

The Challenge of Dependency. He hadn’t asked for the money at first. But, this act of kindness led to a pattern where he began asking for money often. I have a personal rule: if someone asks me for money, I will not give it to them again. This is because my goal is to empower others to be self-sufficient, not dependent. I tried to help him with money at first. But, his constant requests for money. They led me to offer something more valuable. I offered knowledge on achieving financial independence. I proposed to put together a financial plan for him and teach him how to build wealth. He engaged with this plan for about 30 days but eventually reverted to asking for money.

A Friendship Changed. I had to refuse his requests and encouraged him to follow the financial plan. Our relationship changed a lot. It has been five or six years since that interaction, and he hasn’t contacted me since, despite my attempts to reach out and maintain our friendship. This experience was a poignant lesson in the complexities of financial assistance between friends and the importance of promoting a positive money mindset rather than fostering dependency.


Reevaluating Friendships and Financial Mindsets: A Personal Reflection on Wealth and Spirituality

A Friendship Tested by Financial Strain

This narrative centres around one of my closest friends a person I considered altruistic and spiritually driven, someone who believed they could change the world. However, this friend’s financial instability led to continuous requests for money, ultimately straining our relationship to the point where my personal boundaries were disregarded. This raises an important question: in our respective approaches, who is truly glorifying a higher power him or me? Wealth provides the opportunity to amplify the qualities you already possess. Not all rich people are virtuous. Not all poor people lack virtue. But, wealth lets people enhance their traits. It lets those with noble intentions glorify what they hold sacred.

The Power of a Positive Money Mindset 

I felt compelled to create this content not because I enjoy discussing these personal matters I typically script my videos carefully and avoid such candid discussions. However, the urgent need to address the pervasive negative attitudes toward money spurred me to speak out. Many people have asked me for money. This reflects a broader social issue. People are taught to view wealth negatively. This misperception starts from various societal influences, including religious doctrines that associate monetary contributions with moral righteousness.

Realizing that money is merely a medium of exchange is crucial. Once you embrace that money is good and that being broke is not desired. Although it doesn’t make you bad, you can begin to change your financial destiny. This shift in perspective is essential. There are countless ways to make money. Harry Potter fan clubs make six to seven figures. Young children on YouTube make millions by reviewing toys. Success and failure in the same industries often boil down to one’s attitude towards money.

Once you decide that money has a positive spiritual value and start seeing it as a tool that allows you to glorify higher values, you might find that your current endeavors begin to prosper simply because you stop subconsciously sabotaging your own success. This realization is not just about personal gain; it’s about harnessing potential to create positive change and lead a fulfilling life while rejecting the misguided notions instilled by society.

Cultivating a Positive Money Mindset for Financial Prosperity

The Importance of Aligning Your Mindset with Wealth

It doesn’t matter what the strategy is. I could provide the exact steps to make a million dollars online. Consider two chiropractors: one struggling financially and the other making three million a year. The latter could share all his secrets. He is like a successful yoga instructor who earns seven figures from international retreats and might share hers. Yet, if your mindset about money is not conducive to wealth, you will not attain it. It’s fundamentally impossible to acquire something you disdain, much like I have no interest in motorcycles—I see their appeal, but they’re simply not a value of mine, so you won’t find a Harley Davidson in my garage.

Action Steps to Change Your Financial Perspective

One effective method to shift your financial perspective is to list 20 reasons why being rich is beneficial. Really think about this and write them down. I invite you to share your list in the comments—I read every single one and am eager to see how this exercise impacts you. Similarly, list all the reasons why staying in your current financial state is detrimental. This process can profoundly change how you view not only money but also entrepreneurship, business, and even how you value your time. Learn more by reading this- Effective Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

Defining Your Value System

Money must be a priority in your value system to have it. My values include five key areas. They are: my family, which includes my wife and two daughters; my health and fitness; nature; business; and, of course, money and freedom. These are non-negotiable for me, guiding how I invest my time. If an activity doesn’t align with these values, I simply decline it.

If you find yourself struggling financially, it may be because you haven’t consciously defined your own value system. Without this clarity, you might find yourself saying yes to commitments that do not serve your ultimate goals. Having and sticking to clear values can greatly improve your finances and life. They steer you toward choices that boost your prospects and happiness.


Aligning Priorities and Taking Action with a Positive Money Mindset

Reassess your time and priorities. Often, we agree to things that don’t match our goals. For example, going out on Friday nights or spending hours on social media, Netflix, or the news. None of these activities will lead to financial prosperity. However, once you build and stick to your own values, you identify your top five priorities. This gives you a clear plan for using your time and energy well. How you choose to spend your time is directly linked to your financial success.

Making a Commitment to Wealth

I encourage you to make a decisive commitment to getting rich. Set specific financial goals: decide how much money you want to have in six months, in a year, and in ten years. Consider what you could achieve with that wealth. Having money greatly increases the potential to glorify your spiritual beliefs. It also enhances your life and lets you use your time on Earth meaningfully. Money becomes not just a means, but a catalyst for greater accomplishments and personal fulfilment.

Taking Action Towards Financial Success

If this message resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Tell me where you’re from and how these ideas impact you. And remember, acquiring wealth starts with changing your mindset. To help you on this journey, I offer a free success hypnosis. Download my financial success hypnosis today. Start using it to reprogram your mind for financial freedom. This is your first step towards not only building wealth but also enriching your life and those around you in significant ways.


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