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how to talk to god

Talk To God With This Hidden Bible Technique!

Are you wondering if you’re talking to God effectively? or the right way? Is there a right way? I want to tell you how to talk to God like I do. When I realized this subtle shift in my prayers, the abundance in my life skyrocketed and I felt better in general! Let’s dive in. […]

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how to be grateful blog

How To Be Grateful

How to be grateful in life! What an awesome subject. I was just lying in this forest and I was asking the universe to say what the next title for my content should be. I’ve always wanted to make a video on gratitude, but I never made it and I think I never made it […]

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law of attraction coach blog

Law of Attraction Coach Gives Manifestation Technique

Aloha friend! Jake Ducey and I’m your Law of Attraction coach for the next 5 minutes or so. I encourage you to stick around until the end of our talk today and apply what you discover. Radical abundance is in store for you. Let’s dive right in!  Here’s a three step manifestation process that you […]

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how to align with the universe

How To Align With The Universe Using This Manifestation Technique

Let’s talk about how to align with the universe today. Make sure to stick around until the end as I have a free gift for you! Let’s dive right in.  Quite a few years ago, I did something. It led me to having a multiple million dollar international business, attracting my soulmate and waking up […]

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