The Ancient Law of Attraction Technique - Jake Ducey

The Ancient Law of Attraction Technique

By Jake Ducey | Law Of Attraction

Feb 07

Incantations, affirmations. The ancient technique of manifestation that doesn't seem to be talked about anymore.

The reason that people don't attract what they want isn't that there are good enough. It's not that they aren't smart enough, it's not that it's not possible. It's that there's deep seeded, programmed, conditioned thought and belief and behavioral patterns embedded in your subconscious mind by society, by other people.

This is science. Psychologists tell us that 95 percent of our entire life of every action we take, everything we do at work, everything we do associated with money, everything we do in our relationships and our love life, every thought we think, perception that we have about reality - from our views on politics, to our views on the possibilities of what we could truly accomplish in our life. It's all predetermined and programmed into us by other people.


In fact, up until the time you're about six years old, your brainwave states are in a state of hypnosis. It's in a state akin to hypnosis, meaning that up until your about six, you're just being essentially hypnotized by your parents or whoever you're around as a young person growing up. Whoever the outside environments that you're most around are going to program you and you're just going to be like a cup.

By the time you're about 25, the neuro circuitry of your brain is pretty much wired because whatever your habitual emotional patterns, behaviors and perceptions, wire in your brain synapses. They wire together and it creates your neural networks, ultimately the way your brain habitually operates.

We're programmed by other people and you look around and nine out of 10 people die with less than $10,000 and virtually no financial assets. Seventy five percent of people say they're actively disengaged from their jobs. My point is that the majority of people don't have the life that they want and that programming is entering into your mind.

In fact, psychologists say that 70 percent of the subconscious thoughts, patterns and behaviors that you and I have are negative and redundant.

Enter affirmations and incantations. What is an incantation? It's getting emotionally involved in your affirmation. For instance, I just went on a walk around my neighborhood for 45 minutes or so. While I walked around, I said my affirmations the whole time because I was emotionally involved. I was walking, my blood was flowing. I wasn't just sitting there.


I was moving my arms. My blood flow was going. I was awake from the movement. I was involved in the ideas that I was saying. I repeated them out loud on the street while I was walking around to get myself engaged. Audibly, my senses are hearing what I'm saying. That's firing brain cells. I'm saying the same things over and over, which is wiring them together. There's a term in neuroscience called Hebb's Law that says that brain cells that fire together, wire together,.

I was wiring those brains synapses together by saying the same things over and over again, and I was moving so I was getting an incantation. I was emotionally involved in it, which is further engaging those same brain cells in engaging my nervous system and getting my body accustomed to that thought pattern and that emotional pattern. As that happens on a regular basis, what begins to occur is concentration gets fixated on certain things, i.e., intentional affirmations and incantations.

You set yourself in relations to money, success, love, happiness, great opportunities, good luck - whatever it is you're wanting to manifest. What begins to occur is your brain starts redeveloping itself. In science, it's called neuroplasticity, and that's the brain's ability to rewire it to form new neural connections and essentially transform itself anew.

You can take your mind back from the world with affirmations and incantations. The way that you're going to do is begin with the word "I am." "I am grateful that large sums of money come to me quickly and easily. I am grateful that I'm meeting new, amazing people every day. My network is constantly growing. I am grateful that I feel happy, energized and that my life is being invigorated and renewed by the divine intelligence of life. I am so, so, so grateful that my subconscious mind is programmed to operate and attract successful opportunities that prosper me every single day." That's an incantation.

This is an affirmation. "I'm grateful that money comes to me easily." You're not emotionally involved in it. "I'm so grateful that every day, my career is prospering me and moving me forward as I inspire and reach more people. I'm a globally influential thought leader, inspiring millions of people every single week."

For the previous three years or so, I don't know exactly how public talks I did, but my guess is it was somewhere in the five hundreds. I was on Vans Warped tour, which was the largest moving music tour in North America. There's 52 cities and thousands of people in every single city. You do a different city every single day.


I did one talk per day for almost 52 straight days. Right before we left for that, I did approximately three talks per day, Monday through Friday at a different school every single day of the week because I would do different grades one at a time. I'd show up at 9:00 AM and then I do eighth and ninth graders. Then I'd do 10th and 11th graders. Then I'd I do twelfth graders. I would do a 60 minute speech back to back to back three times in one day and I did 30 schools in the spring just before summer.

You're looking at somewhere just right there in, in about a three month period, close to 150, 200 just right there. That was only in only a three month period. What I would do before I would go out to these talks because eventually, I would get tired. I lost my voice in one of them. One time a microphone broke while I was speaking to a senior class at a high school in Los Angeles. I had to yell to a thousand kids at a public high school in a gymnasium.

My microphone went out and my voice went out I had to keep going, so I developed a incantation that I would use. I would stand up and I would say "I now command my subconscious mind to inspire these people with this skill, humor, wisdom, whatever it takes. I now command my subconscious mind."

I would act like I was getting ready for a basketball game. When you play a sports game, you get all fired up. I would do the same thing. I would do it before coaching calls. I'd do it before I make the videos for my digital programs and online courses that I have available for sale.

I'd say the same thing over and over. "I now command my subconscious mind to inspire these people with the skill, humor, wisdom, whatever it takes. I now command my subconscious mind." What I'm doing is priming my brain to engage it in a certain way for one fundamental thing. It's like when you're driving on the freeway and it's raining, you are focused.


It's raining, you're driving and you're not used to it. Your mind is inn't focused anywhere else. It's not focused on what's going to happen in two hours when you get to wherever you're going. It's not focused on yesterday. It's not focused on the conversation you need to have with a certain individual. It is locked in on what's going on. Thus, your concentration increases. You start to channel your consciousness towards the present moment and it increases your ability to focus. You're less tired than you were maybe an hour ago because you've amplified the amount of energy.

It's like when you get an amp that increases the amount of electricity for a certain light socket or a music production, an instrument or technology piece that you have. It increases the amount of electricity. Similarly, an incantation is when you're emotionally involved in what you're saying.

You can do this and you can start to command your subconscious mind to attract money. You can do it to command it, to attract certain types of people, to build your network, your friendships, for you to have more health and vitality, for you to be more focused, for you to be more positive. You can use it in any way you want.

You begin with 'I'm so grateful.." or "I now command my subconscious mind.." Those are the two ways. "I'm so grateful that this and this and this is happening." "I now command my subconscious mind."

You can do it for anything. 

"I now command my subconscious mind that large sums of money come to me in increasing quantities. I'm developing all the skills, talents required in order to serve people in a powerful way. As I become more prosperous and I enrich everybody else's life in the process that I serve."

You could do it for money like that. You could do it for love in the same way. It's an incantation. It's when you increase your emotional involvement, so think about that.

If every time you have a thought or an emotion or a behavior or a thought pattern or an action that you take - if you fire brain cells, every time you do that, and when you have the same emotional response or thought pattern or action or behavior or habit - those brain cells start to wire together in your brain and it creates your neurocircuitry, much like you have an electrical circuitry for a house, which governs all the lights that turn on in the home.

You have a a neuro circuitry in your brain that governs the electrical output the output and the computing power of your super computer called your brain, which governs how you project and create reality. If you can wire your neurocircuitry for the skills you desire, the money you desire, the love you desire, the type of lifestyle you desire, then you win the game because your brain is always working.

Psychologists say 95 percent of your life is subconscious anyways, so you'd be essentially programming your brain to work on autopilot. It's like when you update your software while you sleep on your computer in the middle of the night, your brain would be working all the time, even when you're consciously not working. That's what an incantation is. If you want a superpower that, or if you want some of the best ways to do that, I created my software The Second Mind.

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I developed the software with my team. It costs us a lot of time and money to develop, but we built a software that's designed to start wiring and firing new brain cells based off of your goals.

We call them the neuro programmers - our is The Second Mind neuro programmer. We have them for money, we have them for confidence, for love, for happiness, for self esteem, for career advancement, for luck and great opportunities coming to you. 

What it's doing is it's designed using what we're now discovering in neuroscience, which is the brain's ability to rewire itself, and how the brain produces and creates your reality and results in your life.

It's designed to do that for you and if you haven't yet, you can demo it for free by tapping here

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What I invite you to do is to write your affirmation. Whatever your affirmation that you want to choose. You can have multiple, but I invite you to share one of them with us right here down below.

I'm going to go through after everyone comments in their affirmations and I'm going to send my positive energy to every single person and everyone else. I invite you to do the same.

When you read other people's affirmations, send them positive energy and gratitude that the universe has already answered their prayer, their desire, and it's become materialized.

What I'm inviting you to do is to take your affirmation and then start to use incantations, which is to get emotionally involved in what it is, so then your brain is responding to it.

Your brain and your subconscious think it's already happened. Every cell, the trillions of cells in your body, are all vibrating in harmony with this desire as if it's already occurred and thus, it will occur.

It will show up in the physical plane and not just be some idea in the mental and spiritual realms that you wish or hope would happen. Boom, it's here now in the physical reality. That's the ancient technique of manifestation in regards to incantations and affirmations.

Thank you so much for reading this. If you did not yet, go ahead and demo the Second Mind by tapping here, my software designed to do that brain wiring for you. 

Get your affirmation and comment it down below.

We will all supercharge it, everyone sending positive intentions to yours. I'm sure you're going to feel the results of it in your life when there's a lot of people all reading your affirmation and sending you positive energy as if it's already materialized.

Great things are going to start to unfold in your life in regards to that. Thank you for reading this blog. If it speaks to you, reread this blog again. Every time one of my blogs speak to you, at least read it two or three times because the way that you learn something is by immersion in that idea.

Some people speed read a blog a day. I'm sure that can be very valuable, but the way that you actually change your paradigm and your subconscious is by rereading it. The main blogs that I read, I've read dozens of times. The first time you read a blog, you learn something new. The second time, you learn something about yourself you didn't know before, and that's when the real transformation begins to occur.

Read this again. Share it with your friends. Get fired up about life. Get emotionally involved because that's how you're going to rewire your brain so you can attract what you want easier. Remember, "I now command for my subconscious to attract whatever it is that I want."

Comment down below your affirmation and share it with us. Can't wait to read it. Demo The Second Mind by tapping here

There's great things in store for you today. Put a smile on your face and take a deep breath. Release the stress, the fear, the doubt, the worry. All opportunity is here today.

We live in the best time in human existence. Media might want to tell you otherwise - "The world's falling apart. We've got this problem. We've got this problem." This is the best time ever to be alive, and I'm so grateful I'm alive. I'm so grateful you're alive. Great things are on the way. Great things are here now.

You and I are starting to turn our consciousness. The tide of opportunity is shifting, and even better things are going to start showing up in your life beginning to day. Have a great day.


About the Author

Jake Ducey is a two-time published author with Penguin/Random-House (The Purpose Principles and Profit From Happiness), a leading speaker for his generation having been featured in TEDx Youth, hired by mega organizations such as Nielsen and Accenture, and a leader who has already inspired countless thousands of young people to seek meaningful career success and to make a difference in the world.