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Speed Up Your Manifestations

Would you like to speed up your manifestations and attract anything that you want faster? This one powerful technique will help you speed up your law of attraction manifestations. Did you know that anything you want is 100 percent absolutely no doubt about it possible? You wouldn’t have the desire unless it was possible. The word desire literally means of the father of the father. Throughout history, desire has been a word used to describe the creator of the universe, God or whatever it is. Desire is the Universe speaking through you. You are an individualization of God, of the Universe. God has created you and me to experience life in the many different forms. When you get a desire, what it really is is a divine inspiration of God, of the universe wanting to express that desire through you to drive that convertible or to have that career choice or to start that nonprofit or to go build your own yoga studio or whatever it is.

It is the Universe speaking through you. It wants to express that possibility. It’s of the father. It’s of the spirit. Your desire in and of itself is not only totally wholly and divine. It wouldn’t be possible

The fact that you have the desire means that it’s possible. We live in a world of polarity. The true inspired desire for something means that it’s possible. We don’t grasp this because we’ve been conditioned by our world that we should feel guilty for desiring things. We have been conditioned to believe that desire is shameful.  

We are expected to enjoy our meek little life and be grateful for whatever we get. If we want too much, we are greedy. We are told we are not enough. We’re not smart enough, not good enough, not deserving of what we desire. this and that. We start to believe those things and we forget that day means of the father and that you are an individualization of God or the Universe.. Any desire through you is a divinely inspired idea. It is a divinely inspired possibility that needs to be expressed.

The mind gets in the way. We begin to question qourselves.

Is that even possible? Am I deserving of what I desire?

We stay in a vibrational limbo where we can’t use the Law of Attraction to create what we want because we’re in a place where we don’t. We aren’t even sure whether it’s possible. All of your desires are possible. All of your dreams are possible. You literally wouldn’t have them unless they were possible. The Universe is perfect. It makes no mistakes. It wouldn’t be speaking through you right now for that desire that you have, unless it was possible because it’s the universe. It’s God speaking through you because it desires the fulfillment of this experience Most people slow the manifestation process if they even create what they want at all because they’re in a half in, half out stance, one foot in with the other foot out. The doubt creeps in.You’re not smart enough. You’re not this.You should enjoy the little lot that you have in life. Don’t be too greedy. Don’t do this and don’t do that. This isn’t possible.You might fail at this. That’s the mind. The mind thinks that way because it is conditioned by our society.

That’s why I created this free hypnosis. Click here to download it. Train your mind to not think that way. When you take a step back, you recognize that you have a mind but you’re also a spiritual being. Your spirit is literally of creation, of God, is the universe. All desire that comes through you is in and of itself holy.  

Al my desires are possible. All my desires are possible down below. And remember, you live in a polarity world, a world of equal and opposites. Your desire is possible. You are an individualization of God and you’re whole. You’re worthy. You’re deserving in all the desires coming through. You are God or the universe seeking expression for you to experience the fullness of life. And when you grasp that things show up because there’s no longer resistance, there is no longer a resistance and things start to move and show up in your life. So this is j dot lucy with Jake Deucey.com reminding you you’re whole. You’re worthy. You deserving of everything that you desire and individually individualization of God, of the universe, and all desire is of the father. Day Sire of the father. It’s the universe, it’s God speaking through you. We live in a world of polarity, so if you have a desire, it already means that that desire can and will be fulfilled. If you continue to believe in it and take inspired action forward. Have a beautiful day. Hit the subscribe button and the bell notification. Download my free success of noses. Jake’s hypnosis.com. Down below. Make sure you check out the second mine. It’s our software we designed to rewire the brain, so all of those weird negative thought patterns that have been conditioned by our society and hardwired into our brain are eliminated and rewired and it’s free. You can demo it. The second mind dot calm down below and make sure you like this video to support this channel. Hashtag best life ever down below. If you watch this video all the way through, I appreciate you. I love you. Have a beautiful day and make sure that you remember, we live in a world of polarity. You wouldn’t have the desire unless it was possible.xt here…


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Jake Ducey is a two-time published author with Penguin/Random-House (The Purpose Principles and Profit From Happiness), a leading speaker for his generation having been featured in TEDx Youth, hired by mega organizations such as Nielsen and Accenture, and a leader who has already inspired countless thousands of young people to seek meaningful career success and to make a difference in the world.

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