ANCIENT MANIFESTING TECHNIQUE Explains Attracting Money + Abundance in 2019 - Jake Ducey
Jake Ducey
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ANCIENT MANIFESTING TECHNIQUE Explains Attracting Money + Abundance in 2019

ANCIENT MANIFESTATION TECHNIQUE Explains Attracting Money + Abundance in 2019 

There is an ancient manifestation technique that the world has forgotten about that you can use to attract abundance. I'm excited to share this with you because it's ancient and it's forgotten. It's hidden. No one really talks about this and it will change your life.

What I'm about to share with you was written in 800 BC. Think about how long ago that was. That was one of the most ancient texts that has ever existed in. It's largely an almost completely forgotten, but it teaches one of the greatest secrets about the laws of attraction manifestation in specifically attracting abundance and it's called The Upanishads. In The Upanishads, it's written that from abundance he took abundance and still abundance remains 

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From abundance, you can take abundance, still abundance will remain, yet the one percent, the media, our culture has convinced us that somehow you're not good enough, you're not worthy of abundance, and if you get abundance somehow it's going to negatively affect somebody else. Almost our entire population is struggling to attract the true abundance that they desire.

 You can take abundance and still abundance will always remain coming down below from abundance.

It all comes from that source of abundance, from abundance. He took abundance from abundance. She took abundance and still abundance remains. What are they speaking of here and they're talking about the divine intelligence, the creator, the creator of the universe is absolutely infinite.

ancient manifestation technique

The more abundance, the more you connect to the source of creation and the way you do that is firstly by recognizing that you're not separate from it in the first place. You're an individualization of God energy. The creator created you. The intelligence of the universe that is constantly expanding the stars and growing that is the same intelligence within you.

Because the universe is so abundant that however you form thought energy is the reality that you're going to experience. The universe and God loves you. So much. Creation loves you so much and it's such a freewill place that however you formed thought energy is how you collect the infinite abundance of the universe into third dimensional time that you experienced.

Start affirming. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough. Remember: from abundance, you take abundance and still abundance remains. Start openly receiving.

Your energy field expands, it rubs off on everyone around you and it invites them into their own energy of abundance and tapping into abundance in their own life. You can't help them by living in the opposite energy.

ancient manifestation technique

I've used this technique to change my life, and what I'm inviting you to do is to realize there is an infinite abundance, and when you tap into the creative force of the universe and you recognize the only way that you can help people struggling financially is for you to start living a more abundant life. Then you can show them the ropes. Then you can show them the way.

When someone is struggling in a period of their life, you're going to help them by tapping into abundance and happiness and having that rub off. now from abundance you can take abundance and still abundance is going to remain were.

If you want to take your abundance to the next level, download and start to demo the second mind. Now your old reality wires into your brain. It's neuroscience. Every time you experience a reality or you have a thought pattern, you've activated brain cells and then they fire and wire together.

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Your brain synapses wire together so it becomes difficult to attract the abundance and the success you crave. We created a software called the second mind, literally creating your second mind that will allow you to attract whatever you want and it's right there.

Demo that for free and use that to start to get your brain used to firing and wiring for a life of prosperity freedom, abundance, generosity.

You can take abundance and still abundance is going to remain because you can't divide infinite constant expansion. There's no way to divide it up and eventually run out of it. There's no way to divide up infinite energy.

Have a beautiful day. 

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