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5 Law of Attraction Techniques to Attract Whatever You Want In Life

Aloha from Maui, my friends! Today i'm going to give you 5 law of attraction techniques so you can manifest what it is that you truly desire in life. Let's dive right in!!

Five law of attraction techniques I used to finally manifest anything I want. So if there's something you want to manifest and you really want it to start working quickly and fast, stick around! In this blog I'm going to share with you five law of attraction techniques that started to get me over the speed bumps and help me manifest my dream life.

Law of Attraction Techniques #1 The Actor's Technique

There is a type of technique and acting called method acting. One of the originators of this was named Stella Adler. Stella Adler taught method acting. how to act as if you already were the character you were trying to act for your movie or your film. How to become it in essence.

I thought I was too young. In the early stage of building my career I thought I was going to need to cut my hair or change my appearance, go back to school to get my degree, I thought money was the root of all evil and I was a bad person If I did something that I cared about and then made money at it.

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I essentially was acting as this character of essentially trying to be right or be spiritual. I was trying to be the type of person that wasn't good enough and I realized I'm acting this out now. It's become such a habit that I actually have neurological patterns in my brain and habitual chemical patterns that produce my emotions.

And because my brain has been wired to live this way, through conditioning, my body has now memorized these patterns and my body acts them out as my consciousness, from my unconscious mind. So I started doing the acting technique. I started acting as if I already was a world renowned thought leader, inspiring millions of people.

I asked, what's my vision? What's my worthy ideal? That's what Bob Proctor encourages us to ask ourselves. And I was like, essentially, I'm living up to an ideal of not being good enough, but I'm acting it out. It's not real. This is, this whole thing is an illusion and I'm acting out the opposite of what I want. I need to change this. So it took a while because 95% of your life is subconscious.

I said to myself, what's my worthy ideal? I want to be a worldwide thought leader, inspiring millions of people. That seemed farfetched. But I started becoming it, meditating, meditating, meditating on already being it. I made a hypnosis for myself and I started listening to the hypnosis and on the hypnosis I imagined being a world renowned thought leader, inspiring millions of people.

I imagine getting thousands of emails and reading hundreds of comments. I already became. I would go on my walks. I started doing a daily walk where I go walk for an hour and I would listen to Bob proctor and I made a three by five card and I would carry it with me and I said, I am. I am SO happy and grateful that I'm a world renowned thought leader making millions of dollars inspiring millions of people!

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I knew I had developed a pattern. I was conditioned to think I wasn't good enough or smart enough because I didn't finish college.

I thought I had ADHD when I was in high school and for a little while I was prescribed Adderall because I didn't think I couldn't pass my tests without it. I used to freak out with anxiety as i would study for texts. The anticipation would wreck me because I expected to not to well.

I would get like a c minus for something, you know? And so I didn't think I was smart and so I had to become a different person using the actor's technique. So think about who you are now. It's essentially an illusion. It's a well oiled pattern and illusion. Nevertheless, it's still an illusion, I say well oiled because the, the, the brain has started to build all of its neural connections based off of it.

The body's used to producing those emotions, but it's just an illusion and you can be anything that you want. So using the actor's technique, just like as if you were going to play the character, if all of life was an open script and you got to write the script of your life and then you've got to act it out, what would you want it to look like?

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When you start living from that new persona, eventually that starts to be the new neurological subconscious pattern that creates your life.

Things started to change for me. So point number one is the actress technique.

comment down below, act as if you already are.

I imagined that I already was a world renowned thought leader, inspiring millions of people. Act as if you already are, and if you haven't used it yet, my success hypnosis is right there down below and it's free. Over 400,00 use it world wide and I'm really grateful for that. I'm really excited for you to use it too. It's right there, down below. It's totally 100% free.

Law of Attraction Techniques #2 Keep an Index Card

This is another trick i picked up from Bob Proctor. Get yourself an index card and write what you want to manifest beginning with "I am so happy and grateful now that..."

Fill in the blank. What do you want to create? I remember mine was, I'm so happy and grateful now that I'm a world renowned thought leader making millions of dollars inspiring millions of people. Make it something that you can feel the emotion behind. That's what you need. You need to feel the emotion because hebbs law in neuroscience says that nerve cells that fire together wire together.

You build the way your brain is wired to operate. Your nerve cells that fire together wire together. So our brain has literally been wired. That's what's produced who we are up until this time. Now, we used to think we were stuck like that. But now due to the discovery of neuroplasticity, we know that that is not true.

You can rewire your brain, your mind, your behaviors, your life, everything from your bank account, your love life, your competence. You can rewire it all. It's called neuroplasticity. It's the brain's ability to be plastic, to be malleable, to be able to be molded towards what you want.

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So with this index card that has your statement on it, keep it with you in your pocket. Put one up on your fridge. Put it everywhere and always have one on you. What is it doing? It's activating cells of recognition in your brain. You're starting to produce different emotions. You're starting to fire new nerve cells as you repeatedly see the prosperity message.

And remember hebbs law says that nerve cells that fire together wire together and neuroplasticity says you can rewire your brain and mind. The great thing is this index card is really easy.

Because the index card is something you could take with you everywhere and its pretty much will cost you nothing. So for a while, I would carry it with me in my hand instead of my pocket, which is hilarious, right? I would go to the grocery store and I would carry it in my hand with me and I would try to stay as present as I could. So I didn't go back to my old memorized illusion.

Law of Attraction Techniques #2 Turn Affirmations Into Incantations

An affirmation, most people believe is essentially just the repetition of a mental phrase. So if you consider the way that the brain gets wired and the importance to be able to rebuild neuro connections and synaptic connections based off of the reality you want as opposed to living from the past and the old memorize patterns, because your brain is simply just an artifact of the past, that's all it is.

We can rebuild it. And so when you consider an affirmation, I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy, I have lots of money, I've lots of money out, lots of money. Quite often it doesn't work unless you're emotionally involved in it. Now the reason for that is because the goal here is to start to refire new nerve cells. And when that happens, we start producing chemicals that make us start feeling different.

And those are the feel good effects of affirmations or incantations. The feel good effects of positive thinking come from that. But Hebbs Law says that nerve cells that fire together wire together. So as we do it regularly or powerfully enough to evoke strong emotion, we start to activate those nerve cells that slowly start to wire together, build new neural connections, new neural networks, new synaptic connections based off of the reality we're working on creating.

do this to manifest anything you want in life

So I started doing incantations, set of affirmations because I realized I needed to start changing the way I felt. The mind body goes in a cyclical nature, the way that you think creates the way you feel and then the way that you're feeling reinforces the way that you continue to think, which reinforces the way that you feel, which reinforces the way that you think, which reinforces the way that you feel. And it goes on like that.

So I realized I had to start feeling different. I couldn't just start trying to think different in and of itself. I had to feel different as well. And then thinking and feeling different together would start to co would start to become a symbiotic relationship that would start to build momentum and a new direction of my life. And so I went from just repeating the phrase to every morning, waking up and going, I am so out loud, literally out loud.

Law of Attraction Techniques #3 Have A Clear Statement! 

I am so happy and grateful now that I'm a world renowned thought leader, inspiring millions, millions of people, and I would just go on like that out loud. At first it was really uncomfortable. Why is that really uncomfortable? You have a tendency to think it's weird, right? Second of all, is anyone going to hear me? Third of all? A lot of times it's uncomfortable for people to talk about what they want as if they already have it when they don't.

When you feel different, you think different. That's how I was judging the success of the incantations and affirmations. And when I felt different, I knew I was going to think different. And as I was feeling and thinking different, I knew I was going to fire and wire my brain in new ways. And as I started to do that, I knew it was going to start to build more and more momentum in my life.

And as you're hearing it, you can say those affirmations with it and all of a sudden you've got the affirmations, the hypnosis, and you've got the incantations to engage your body and make your feelings an integral part of this creation process. Then you've got a win, win, win, win, win. So it's right there, down below, it's Jake's hypnosis.com.

Law of Attraction Techniques #4 Bless instead of Condemn

I realized that I had a pattern and it seems like a lot of people do as well. A pattern where when you see something that you want, that you don't have, instead of being stoked, we do the opposite. And it makes us feel crappy, angry, or it makes us judge or condemn that person.

If we condemn the things we want, reject the things that we want, we're sending the message to the subconscious that those things are bad. You wanted the promotion and someone else got it, and then you get really resentful at them. What you're doing is assuming that you live in a competitive reality where there's only one job. that's that job. There's so many other jobs that could probably pay you the same, maybe even pay you better and have more freedom, have more creative control and you could enjoy it more than you're totally unaware of it at this time.

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Try this on - I'm inspired by it because I know that my turn is coming. I know more abundance is heading my way. I know that it's moving in my direction and this just gets me more inspired. I'm going to work even harder and I feel so grateful that something fantastic is headed my way shortly. See a person with a nice car, one day I'm going to buy one just like that. Hey, thanks for driving that around and you got me inspired. How long did it take them to acquire that car? It's amazing they have it. If they can do it I can do it and that's a blessing! Bless the things we want instead of cursing them and your energy will shift.

We start to send the subconscious message that success is good, wealth is good, abundance is good, prosperity is good, love is good, happiness is great. And we start to send those messages that it's okay to feel good. It's okay to have a lot. It's okay to be successful. It's okay to be loved, it's okay to give love. And when that occurs and the subconscious knows that these are not things that it needs to run away from, then those good things start to chase you because your subconscious realizes that they are good and will align your frequency to them.

Law of Attraction Technique #5 Realize everything that happens is perfect! 

This starts by practicing and becomes normal over time. Practice knowing you truly are blessed, that you have so much freedom available to you in life and that there's so many amazing things to do in this life. The fact that we're here in and of itself is a miracle and I'm so damn grateful to the universe that we can exist in this moment right now. I hope you've enjoyed these attraction techniques! 

Have a fantastic day. Sending lots of love!!!


Miracles are normal.


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