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Dear Friend & Manifester, 

If you want to attract LOVE, MONEY, and HAPPINESS into your life, this is going to be the most important letter you'll ever read! 

However, I don't want you to read this life-changing letter just yet.

First, I want you to watch the video above because it will explain what kind of epic journey you're about to embark on. 

Then, and only then, do I want you to continue reading below. Ok? 

Let's just say... "I want you to Try Before You Buy!"

You're about to get a full demo of the new "Neuro Programmer," and you'll discover keen wisdom into what your 2nd Mind is fully capable of.

Plus, when you stay until the end of the presentation, you'll gift some very valuable gifts from myself and my good friend and mentor Bob Proctor. 

Got it? 

Good. Come right back to this exact spot when you are done viewing the video and resume reading the rest of this letter...

Jake Ducey Second Mind Free Training

Hi, my name is Jake Ducey, and I'm the creator of The 2nd Mind program you just witnessed above. 

And you're reading this letter now because you are considering joining this once in a lifetime opportunity with myself and our wonderful community of 2nd Minders. 

I have to admit, manifestation and The Law Of Attraction didn't always come easily to me.  There was a time where I even questioned if all this stuff was even real? 

But after witnessing undeniable evidence with thousands of people across the globe, I became a believer in something far more significant than just me. Far bigger than my simple and often misguided first mind. 

You see, ever since I discovered how to tap into my 2nd Mind and program my future, it revealed an almost magical existence I had only dreamed about before. 

By correctly applying the 2nd Mind and these unique Law Of Attraction techniques, I began manifesting more opportunities than I could partake in.  

I attracted my dream publisher "Penguin Random House" for two of my best selling books, created a thriving internet career, and landed myself upon publications like Fox, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and even gave my own TEDX talk.  

jake's been seen on

The truth is, once I found the secret of The 2nd Mind, everything in life became easier. 

I no longer struggled, worried, or feared about my future.

I no longer felt like a victim or blamed others for my surroundings, my past or my real-world results. 

And I eagerly awoke each day in awe of the unlimited abundance that exists in our world!

Yes, Our World Truly Is Unlimited When It Comes To Abundance!

And it was with this mindset I was able to attract the most beautiful thing in the galaxy into my life... my soon to be bride Ashley.

jake and ashley

But... it wasn't always this easy. 

Far from it in fact. 

And before we go any further, I want you to know something...

If You're Not Where You Want To Be In Life,
I Want You To Know... "It's Not Your Fault". 

You see, 

Most of us have been spoon fed a bowl of lies for much of our lives. 

Advertisers deceive the masses to make us feel incomplete and inadequate so we'll buy their stuff. 

Politicians lie to us to keep themselves in office term after term. 

The news delivers slanted and biased opinions to appease people and sell more advertising. 

The truth is, many people in power are playing the population like puppets on strings. They desperately want to keep us from toppling their long thriving thought monopoly.

But It Doesn't Have To Be This Way!

You see, deep inside your core you have a superpower that nobody can deny or take away from you. 

Beyond the surface, you have a bonafide Genius Within residing inside of you. 

And today, I want to help you release that Genius!!! 

But I can't do it alone. 

I will need your help. 

It will take a serious commitment on your part. 

And you will need to make a real-world investment in yourself so we can begin to orchestrate the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!!!

Here's What You Will Discover  
When You Invest In Yourself Today...

1. When you join the 2nd Mind, you will discover how to erase negative programming and replace it with a new, positive and fulfilling mindset. After a bit of practice, you'll start doing this automatically throughout the day. 

2. How to strategically plan your Dream Life so it can become a reality, not just a vision board. Maybe you want to travel more? ... attract a certain lover? ... manifest wealth? ... or become a healthier version of yourself?  All of this is possible today if you're ready and willing. 

3. The secret tactics of "Super Hight Achievers" and how they use these methods to manifest unlimited abundance into their lives. It's far easier than you may have imagined. 

4. What you need to do to attract your dream lover, soul mate or twin flame into your life. When operating from your 2nd Mind, it's like magnetism to those who are in alignment with you.  

5. Little known techniques for overcoming fear and negativity. Thankfully, these techniques are actually quite easy and feel great to do. 

6. If you've ever tried to use The Law Of Attraction and it didn't work like you had hoped, then you must try this simple technique that will help you slip into your 2nd Mind at will. When you can do this, the world begins to become your oyster. 

7. WARNING: Advertisers, schools, and many religious institutions don't want you to know these secrets because you'll no longer need their products or beliefs that continue to keep you feeling in lack. 

8. The quickest and easiest way to true and lasting happiness. The beautiful thing about this is that anyone can do it, and it only takes a few seconds.  

9. The amazing exercise you can do at home to reset your mind at will. If you're ever feeling stressed, this will work wonders for you.  

10. Seven unique stories that will stimulate wonder, passion, and real-world action to help you get over any roadblocks or struggles that are holding you back. These will give you permission to set you free!  

What People Are Saying
About Jake & His Programs...

Jake's got it put together. He knows what he’s doing. Get into the program. Like that, your life can change!

Bob Proctor testimonial

Bob Proctor

Jake Ducey is the ideal ambassador of inspiration for this next generation.

He'll be huge. 

John Gray testimonial

John Gray

Jake Ducey considers me his mentor, a role I relish. But Jake is an inspiration in my life too.

Jake Ducey Second Mind Free Training

Jack Canfield

Here's What You're Going To Get Today...

Jake Ducey 2nd Mind

The 2nd Mind Program including... The Neuro Programmer, The 2nd Mind Lecture Series, & The 2nd Mind Interview Series.

The Second Mind Has A Retail Value of $1,997.00!  

The Genius Within is a 2-Day deep dive into your psyche where you'll discover how to pinpoint the unsurfaced genius that resides in you!

The Genius Within Has A Retail Value of $497.00

Genius Within Product
dream life workshop products

The Dream Life Workshop is a 2-day life-changing seminar intended to help you manifest your ultimate dream life. 

The Dream Life Workshop Has A Retail Value of $497.00!  

The Subconscious Bootcamp will introduce you to the power of the subconscious mind and how you can leverage it in your favor! 

The Subconscious Bootcamp Has A Retail Value of $47.00

Subconscious Bootcamp Products
mess into message products

Mess Into Message will show you how to turn your trials into triumphs. Everything that happens to you in life can have a possible message. In this program, you'll discover how to transform that message.  

Mess Into Message Has A Retail Value of $47.00

Affirm Your Destiny is an innovating training that will teach you how to harness the power of affirmations.  

Affirm Your Destiny Has A Retail Value of $47.00

Affirm Your Destiny Products

Not only will you get each of these programs, but you'll also get access to our "Premium Email Support" that is valued at $500.00

In total, this offer is worth a retail value of ... $3,632.00

But today, I want to show you how you can...

Save Over $2,600 Today
But You Have to Hurry!!!

And not only will you save over $2,600.00 when you order today, but you're also 100% protected with my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee...

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

I’m going to offer you my 100% iron-clad rock solid guarantee. Try out the 2nd Mind for a full 30 days and if it doesn’t do everything I promised and more, simply email my support team at and we’ll refund every single penny of your purchase. The risk is entirely on me and you have absolutely nothing to lose!!! So go ahead, try it out for a full month completely on me and know that you are completely protected in every way possible. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Right now, I'm not asking you to invest in me.

I'm asking YOU to invest in YOURSELF and YOUR DREAMS!  

Because when we make investments in ourselves, we begin to build a spiritual savings account of sorts.  

We begin to shed the old and welcome the new.

We start afresh. 

And begin to build something beautiful. 

In the video below, I want to share some reactions with you. They are from participants who invested in themselves at my recent "Genius Within" Seminar (which you will be getting copies of today). 

Like you, they too were once on the fence but decided to take a leap of faith. 

And this is what happened - (watch the video below)... 

So... are you ready to take that leap of faith too? 

Are you ready to experience your ultimate potential? 

Ready to manifest your destiny? 

If so, I invite you to click below and join this epic community of 2nd Minders...

I'm so excited to see you on the inside. 

Much Love, 

Jake Ducey

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PS: If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below and myself or someone from our dedicated support team will happily help you out. Thank you so much for your time, I really do appreciate it. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! 

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